dropping an eaves in the waiting room of saint david’s hospital

300px Papasmurf2

"The good thing is, at least he had a stroke and stopped talking. I mean, that man was a big talker, and I’m sayin’ he got out and used all his words up by the time that stroke came. Most folks don’t get a chance to say everything, still have things left to say, but that man done gone and used up all his words."

"So, your person have a-fib?"
"Yeah, my husband is in atrial fibrillation for the fourth time. This is his fourth ablation. It keeps coming back. He’s forty-four. He was in it this morning and didn’t even feel it. Usually it hits him hard… Would you like a Pringles?"

"He’s seeing if they can put in a stent. He’s in with the surgeon now. It might just be a catheterization; it depends what he finds."
"You sure you don’t want chocolate cake?"

"It’s inappropriate for you to be smiling at a time like this."
"Well, it’s inappropriate for you to say so."

"This medicine he’s on causes the Papa Smurf syndrome. You know, where he turns all blue. You sure you don’t want a Pringles?"