wet ‘n’ wild child


  1. holy cow, stephanie – they've both gotten so big! they're both turning into cute little people! :) :)

  2. Awww… They are both such gorgeous children!

    Where did you get your towels? love them!

  3. Too cute!! I think Abigail has your personality and Lucas has your eyes :) All three of you look great and very happy.

  4. So adorable! But I disagree with Donna about Lucas's eyes. I think he is a mini-me of his dad, eyes and all. (But a cute kid either way!) And never mind your towels, where did you get your shoes?

  5. awww man, you even brought watermelon slices for them: so sweet! you look like a great mommy!!! what a fun day it must've been!

  6. Those beautiful little tots never seem to smile, laugh. So serious.

  7. They truly are beautiful children.
    I love that you have Miss Thang swimming in nothing but skivvies. Too cute. And wow. Lucas is such a little boy now.
    Man, time flies.

  8. Awesome pictures! Gorgeous kids…and a gorgeous mum as well. I was wondering what they were eating..and now I realise it's watermelon…you made me wanna go get some!

  9. So cute!!! Did Abigail go topless because she wanted to be just like her brother?

  10. oh my goodness, that phil-business-cards story was hilarious. and well-written. just had to say.

  11. Love these pictures Stephanie! Looks like a wonderful day with the beans! They are both so adorable! You can see the love and happiness in your eyes.

  12. Stephanie, can I ask what lens you use to get such nice close-up pics of your kids. I am a newbie to photography and have a Nikon D40 with an 18-70mm lens and cannot get any close ups! On the auto setting, I can only get pics from about 3 ft away. I love your kids pics – they are amazing and wish I could take some of my own daughter!

  13. As I suppose we're not meant to, I won't comment on the business card story. But I am curious, why no comments allowed on that one?

    FROM SK: I just figured the subject matter of it was so similar to the "need to collect" post, that all comments on the subject could go there. That's all.

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