even the men at my readings are hooking up… or trying to

Oh, how I love to find out the makings of love are happening at my book readings.

From Craig’s List:

Stephanie Klein Book Signing, Borders, Columbus Cir. – m4m – 28 (Midtown West)

You were at Stephanie Klein’s book signing for Moose. I was in the second row; you were standing in back. We made eye contact once or twice while I was scanning the room for people I knew. After the reading, you were standing by the brownies, next to an Asian girl. I came over to say hi, but couldn’t find the chance to work my way into the conversation. When I came back again, you were gone. Hit me up if you see this.

I’m on my way to Chicago now. I still need to write my speech for the DePaul University event Friday morning (open to the public, including the single public who love to love Craig’s List) all about blurred boundaries. Speech writing 101 and I are about to go make out at gate 35.