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I love this. I love sitting on panels and meeting readers, both old and new, love hearing your stories and signing your books. Thank you.

I don’t love it when I walk into a store and cannot find my books. I don’t love it that the bookstore has one copy buried in the weight loss section, with just the spine showing, or on the New Biography shelf (not even a table).  All those front of store tables you see when you walk into your local bookshop are paid placements. My publisher is paying for that placement, and yet I haven’t, not once, seen Moose on front tables.

So, I have a favor to ask. Can you please email me, and let me know where you’re finding Moose in the store, including the day you saw it, and the exact location in the store, along with the store name? Also let me know how you found it, if you had to ask information, etc.

I have been receiving emails from people saying they cannot find Moose or even Straight Up And Dirty in stores. For those of you who already have copies, and for those waiting for your store to get a copy in, it’s an enormous help if you ask (via phone or in person) the sales manager of each of your local stores if they have a copy of my books. In doing so, they realize there’s a demand, and then they just may request an appearance at their store. I would be extraordinarily thankful if you could help me with this, as it will really help drive the success of Moose.  So, even if you already have copies of my books, if you could please call or beg that they get my book in, that would be extremely helpful.



  1. I made the clerk at Borders in San Diego go into the back because they hadn't shelved Moose yet. I was so anticipating the book that when I got to the bookstore 3 days after it was released, I expected window displays and featured endcaps (ps to Stephanie's publishers–pay for those endcaps on the aisles–she deserves it!)
    I finished the book in one day and loved it. As a fan of your first book, it was so interesting to read about the early years. Thanks so the book, and the blog and just being a great writer that I look forward to checking in with daily!

  2. I support my little village bookstore rather than buy from bigger chains. They did not have it and they ordered it for me. That's not unusual though since they are so small. BTW, I borrowed "Straight Up" from the library, it was great. Thank you for the entertaining read. I'm enjoying the first chapters of "Moose" as well.

  3. You got it! I'm in the middle of my copy from Amazon;(which I'm lovin) but when the hubby and my daughter went in looking for Moose, Tayler did ask the manager, and he said they hadn't received any copies yet. We'll check back this week; I'm going to ask the manager to request a reading too!


  4. At the Borders in Columbus Circle, a week or two before your reading, I had to ask because they didnt have any copies on the display that had the sign telling us that you would be there… so the woman went right over to… the weight loss section. First, I thought that was a weird fckin place for it, since the book is a memoir, and tells us nothing about HOW to lose weight. But yea, I found that odd, but Im not sure if they had it there since the release date hadnt hit yet, but then it should have been hidden or something… you totally deserve your own table!!! And I dont know about Straight Up and Dirty, I judged a book by its cover at the library and thats when I started I started my love affair with your writing! :)

  5. I was in Amsterdam yesterday, looking through the English section (very small) of a local bookseller and I found (and bought) Straight Up and Dirty. No Moose, but I don't think it could be out here yet;)

    Any chance I can get a signed book plate or book mark as I doubt you will be signing locally soon;).

    Hope the tour is going well.

  6. I say get a new publisher. Who is yours? They are an embarrasment. Late last week I went to 4 bookstores in Atlanta and none had moose so I ordered on amazon then get an email saying it will be delayed in shipping. Truly awful.

  7. here in Seattle I went to 2 bookstores. First the associate said it wasn't out yet and this was last week! The other was on a shelf but I hit the only copy. Love moose and hope your publisher gets its act together.

  8. Just yesterday I was in border providence and they didn't have moose. I asked for straight up and dirty and they didn't have that either. How are you supposed to sell books of there are no books!

  9. hi Stephanie, I found your first book "straight up and dirty"(italian version Nuda e Cruda) in Italy, in Forlì book store called "Mega". I was looking for it and I finnally bought it.
    I think I'll have to wait so much time before having Moose….(translated version)!!! I'll wait..thank you so much. You're a delicious mum and funny writer.

  10. I saw you on the Today Show and tried to find your book. It was in the weight loss section!!! What the f$&$ck? I had to ask the sales wench to find it. Seems like a lot of work which 90% of people won't do. Good luck and keep fighting. Moose is incredible and needs to be read by Manuy

  11. I called my Barnes and Noble store (East Colonial in Orlando, FL) on May 27th–ya know, the day of your book release–to see if they had a copy of "Moose" in stock. After waiting five minutes on the phone, the lady said it wasn't in print yet. I just figured they hadn't gotten off their lazy bums to put it out yet.

    So on May 29th I went to the same Barnes and Noble and began my search. After searching all of the new release tables (including the New Biography release table), I finally had to seek an associates help. She led me to the Biography area, but she couldn't even find it. I did find one copy of "Straight Up and Dirty" wedged in there.

    The associate, I saw, had recruited a manager to look for "Moose". So there we all were scouring the New Biography shelves (not the table). I finally saw one copy of it there and snatched it up.

    I was disappointed that they were not treating your fabulous book with the importance and respect it deserves. I am happy and relieved I found, however!!

    Great book! Great job!

  12. I was in a Barnes & Noble in the San Francisco Bay Area (at the Tanforan Mall, to be specific — near the airport) and I couldn't find Moose anywhere. It was not in any of the new non-fiction sections or tables, nor was it in the biography, memoir or even self-help sections that I checked. I didn't ask information — nobody was at the desk. There was a paperback copy of SUAD in the biography section.

  13. I already pitched a fit on yr behalf at Borders (SF) – they had it under weight loss, but somehow that meant with cookbooks, no table. When I couldn't find it, I told em it wasnt right, and actually got one guy to put it under "quirky memoir" – whatever that means ; ) I'll let you know if I go back and see an update on the situation…

  14. Hi Stephanie!
    I bought your book in the Barnes and Noble on 66th an Broadway (Lincoln Triangle) on May 27th and it was indeed on the new biographies table and propped up on the display shelf on the table, not just placed flat. It was incredibly easy to find; practically the first book I saw in the section. There were only a couple copies left but I attribute that to that the fact they were selling, not that they had so few. It was such an amazing book and something I totally related to. Thank-you and I hope you have much success and are able to write more thought provoking and incredible books!

  15. Yes, that's what happened when I went to buy Moose. I couldn't find it on the shelves. So, the salesperson checked his computer and led me to the weight loss section. This was at the Borders in Birmingham, MI (Detroit suburb).

    And, it does seem like a lot fewer authors are coming here these days. I know this probably has something to do with the downturn in the Michigan economy, but it's still strange considering that Borders is a Detroit-based company.

  16. Our Barnes and Noble has usually had a copy (or several) of "Straight Up and Dirty" on a display table, even as recently as a few months ago. I will check there to see where "Moose" is located, as mine was a pre-order via Amazon!
    "Moose" was a fantastic, can't-put-it-down read!

  17. I bought Moose on the day or release, May 27, at the Barnes and Noble in Tysons Corner Center in McLean, VA. It was displayed on the New Biographies table.

  18. Barnes & Noble, Route 9, Poughkeepsie, NY. Had 4 copies of Moose cover facing out in New Biography section, though I bought my copy at Torrid last week.

    I finished Moose Friday & am still reeling from — if you'll excuse the terribly 70's expression — the mind fuck which was your childhood & adolescence. My 19 year old daughter is reading it now. She doesn't want to discuss it with me so far and appears anxious while reading. Moose could result in a round of anxiety eating for both of us.

  19. In NYC, on 86th and Lex, it was the second table from the front window in the New Biography section. Easy to find, prominently placed. Good luck.

  20. Chapters in Toronto, Canada – had to ask for it and they did not have a stock copy so I headed to the web to order it…

    Love the website look.


  21. I had no problem finding Moose. I want to say that while I enjoyed the book, it is likely going to appeal to an audience mainly interested in the weight loss experience and camp/adolescence. So while you will have a great impact on that population, it might not sell as widely as you would have hoped. I would still consider it a success.

  22. I work at a B+N outside of DC and will check tomorrow. I know there are a few in the section faced out, but I work in music so I haven't noticed the tables yet. I'll check, though.

  23. Cincinnati Borders didn't have it last I looked( went to one and they looked in the system as well for other stores). I'm holding out for a possible Cincinnati book signing.

  24. I was wondering why the book was available it weight loss. Is David Sedaris' books in anything but literature? You totally are getting pidgeonholed because you're a woman writer and your publisher is allowing it. That makes it even more sinister.

  25. I wonder what it would take to convince publishers to get their act together. Standing room only readings? you've got that(I was in DC), great reviews(you've got that), a vocal audience bitching about how difficult it is to find MOOSE(got that)…

  26. I tried to pick it up at Whitehall mall in PA not long ago but the kid working there said they didn't have it nor did she know when it may be coming in. They're always like"We can order it for you?" but I can order it on Amazon myself and pay less and not have to come back to their store!

  27. I found Moose in the Brand New Non-Fiction section right on the wall at New England Mobile Book Fair in Boston. But they stock every single title published, so that might not be a good representation. I'll check out Borders and B&N, both of which are also in our city.

  28. Our local library system said they have "no plans" to order Moose anytime soon. They do have 1 copy of SUAD in the system.

    I wonder how you feel about library readers, though? They don't each buy a copy, so I suppose they aren't your favorites.

  29. Wanted to add: at least on Borders website, it tells you where the book is within the store (if it's in stock).

    Our local Borders has Moose, but…

    Shelf Location: Health Medicine & Diet > Diets > Weight Loss & Other Diets

    Isn't this something your publisher would address?

  30. Borders in Providence – no copies of Moose & SUAD was in self-help section (which I found after asking a sales associate)

  31. I went into the bookstore May 27th to ask for it, and they fumbled around on the computer and said it doesn't come out until July. I argued with them, but they insisted and even showed me their computer.

    This is Waldenbooks in the Warwick Mall in Warwick, Rhode Island. I did bring my camera because I had wanted to take a picture to show you, but like I said, they said it wasn't out yet. It's STILL not out, because I went back today and it wasn't there yet.

  32. I found your book at the Barnes and Nobel in Wilmington, NC. I expected it to be on a table or something since it was the day it came out. But it was no where to be seen. I asked information if they had it. Right as I was asking I spotted one copy in the shelf, the only copy right next to Strait up and dirty.

  33. I got my copy of Moose in Chicago at Barnes and Noble. And like many others, I scoured the new release shelves, couldn't find it, and then asked a salesman for help. He led me to the weight loss section and the book was tucked in there. Your book deserves MUCH more prime placement than that.

    Also, I just moved to Atlanta and would LOVE to see you. I know you've been so busy with the book tour (which seems to be going great- congratulations!), but I'm going to try to put a request in. As I can only speak for myself, I was wondering if there were any other readers in Atlanta.

    I'm almost done with Moose and LOVING it!

  34. I went down to our local bookstore (Bookstore in the Grove – 2911 Grand Ave Miami, FL 33133)and they didn't have it, but the owner told me she'd placed an order for it and was expecting to receive it early this week. I'll check later to see where they end up putting it.

  35. stephanie–

    great book. actually books. read them both over my one week vacation in Columbus, Ohio (where family lives–I live in Tampa). Bought the new book at Barnes & Noble at Easton Town Center and it was buried and they only had two copies. It took me a while to find the biography section and when I finally found your book I looked for it by the spine. There were only a couple copies of your other book as well. I was very surprised as this store is HUGE (2 floors) and is a very, very busy venue. I did see it on a table at Lenox in Columbus in the new biography section (table). I think I yelled "yay!"– people stared! :)

  36. I went in Barnes and Noble in San Jose, CA on Steven's Creek Blvd. last Friday and had to ask for help finding it. It was in new biography, but there were only two copies. I just assumed it was because other fans snapped up copies earlier.

  37. I got your book at my little book store in Milford NH at the Toadstool Bookshop.  (LOVE IT!!)  I was surprised to find it there since I had looked for Straight up and Dirty at B&N at one time and they didn't have it.

    Moose was in the same section as SUAD….autobiography.  Also, I did need to ask for help and purchased the only copy (and the week before the only copy of SUAD).

    hope this helps!  Good luck. I'm enjoying Moose (more than Straight Up and Dirty, too).

  38. Stephanie,
    I was in a Barnes and Noble in Orlando, Florida today and didn't see your book anywhere. I checked the new arrivals and all the other various displays.. I even took a chance and checked the self-help section as I saw other readers mentioning finding it there.. nope, no luck! I think they carry it in their store, as I did call and ask for it, but not sure if it's currently in stock or where it is located in the store.

  39. Yup, Weight Loss section. 1 lone copy, Borders Carson City, NV (heehaw). Drove 45 mins from Lake Tahoe only to find their computers down and made them search till they eventually found it 20 mins later. I remember when I bought SUAD it was at Barnes & Noble in DC in the "Self Help" section.

  40. Hi from Long Island!!!
    I purchased Moose at Borders in Commack.  I had to ask for it and they had it hidden in the weight loss section. 
    We are reading it for my book club.  Is there a chance that you could answer some questions from my club on 6/20?
    I woud really rate with the girls by having you involved!!!!!
    I know you are VERY busy.  Have the best time on your book tour!!!!

  41. Hi Stephanie,
    I totally had to hunt for Moose at my Borders store!  I went the day before it was released and they assured me it was "in a box, somewhere in the back".  "Well, could you possibly see if you could find it? Because I've heard other Borders stores around the country are distributing the book and I'd really love to buy it!" only got me dumb looks and "there's no release date on the book, so we're not sure when it actually will be sold.  It'll be out when the box gets unpacked." That was the store manager of the Borders in El Segundo, CA.

  42. I went in the day after your book was released and perused all the front tables and new release shelves–nothing.  I asked for help…where I was immediately rushed to the weight loss section and one of 2 copies was plucked from the stack (only the binding showing).
    With such popping summer colors, you'd think (in addition to having paid for such placement), that it would be front and center!!
    Hope you get some resolution!

  43. Hi Stephanie,
    As you requested on your blog, I have some info on where your books are. I live in the Toronto area and have never had a problem finding Straight Up and Dirty or MOOSE (although I did order Straight Up online and then saw it in stores). I saw Straight Up on a front store table about a year ago, but have yet to see MOOSE move from the biography section to a table…very unfortunate. But the good news: it is not in the Weight Loss section either. I'm not sure if you wanted to know what is going on in Canada, but I thought I would shoot you an email in case your publisher was considering any Canadian touring dates.

  44. Stephanie…I am living in Wichita, Kansas and will check for you to get you the middle America answer to your question tomorrow.

  45. Seems like your publisher needs a good kick in the ass! The worst part of all this ineptness is you had such great press which drives people to the stores and the stpres don't have the book or they hide the few copies they have. You should fire your publisher. I had a similar experience with MOOSE in Chicago.

  46. I just walked over to Borders in Pasadena, CA. No such luck. They didn't have it at all, though they said they'd get a few copies maybe Tuesday. I even looked on the Quirky Memoir table as one commenter said, but no. Its in weight loss too, which drives me nuts. People write memoirs all the time but they don't put them in narrow categories like "Mental Health" say for Augusten Burroughs or the like. I was hoping they would have it out on the table displays in front. Hopefully Vroman's will do a better job in promoting it.

  47. I went to Barnes & Noble in Hartford and they didn't have MOOSE anywhere. This was Saturday. Good luck! Find a better publisher…

  48. I picked up Moose on May 27 at the B&N on 8th St. and 6th Ave. in NY. It was on the front table, right at the entrance to the store. Good luck with this!

  49. I haven't gone to get Moose yet– (shame on me.. I have been planning to, just haven't gotten the time), but about 6 weeks ago I was in the Barnes & Noble in Harrisonburg, VA, and SUAD was on the new biographies table right on the main aisle, which made me very excited for you.
    I will check for Moose at the Barnes & Noble and Borders in Herndon, VA, and annoy the hell out of them if I can't find it immediately.

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