austin stalking: stacey glynn

_mg_7913 I’m officially stalking an ex. There. I’ve said it. The fact is, I genuinely believe, that stalking is well within the realm of acceptable behavior when it comes to a good hairdresser. We’d only been out twice, but they were two unforgettable dates. First, the woman gives good scalp. Really gets in there and massages with minty oils. Then she works you up into a lather. She cools you off with a shot of cold water after the cream rinse to close the hair cuticle.  Second, she gives a blow like I’ve never ever had before. She half-dries my entire head before spraying the roots with Aveda volumizing tonic, then she goes in for the kill, working her magic with a big round brush, one section at a time. The key is, she dries from the roots, all smooth, but then she winds my hair around the barrel of the brush, only to twirl the brush free, leaving angelic curls of mass destruction. I’ve never, in all my time in New York City–from Frederic FakeGuy to Bumble and Stumble–had such a perfect blowout.The key really is that Breck bounce. Without the curls at the ends, your hair just hangs on for dear life.

Last time I made my appointment at Kisma Hair Co. & Spa, I was told, "Stacey no longer works here, but we can schedule you with Laura. She’s very good." I hate you. I seriously hate you. Still, I go, hoping… in vain.Everyone was tight-lipped about her departure, and I’m guessing she didn’t leave on the best of terms. Oh, how I wish they’d just give up her info.No one can replace Miss Stacey Glynn.

Mind you, I only know her last name because when we first met she gave me her card. In the past few days, I’ve torn the house apart looking for it. Rummaged through the handbags, leafed through papers, peeked in bedside table drawers. I finally discovered her card in my closet. Aha! A last name! I’ll find her online.

I tried many combinations in that trusty google window, only to turn up… incorrect matches. "Stacey Glynn," "Stacey Glynn Hair," "Stacey Glynn Kisma," "Stacey Glynn God." Now, here is where I reveal the depths of my desperation. I didn’t only search for her on Facebook and Myspace. I found one in Michigan on a MeetUp page, had to log in to contact her. It gets worse. I then came across a Stacey Glynn, whose photo and profile I couldn’t see unless I "joined." Dammit, I joined some bebo service, I’ll never use, just to see if it was her. It wasn’t. When all this failed, I went old school and picked up the phone for some 411 action. Nada.

So now, I am appealing to the masses in this woeful time. If by six degrees, you happen to know a Stacey Glynn who once worked at Kisma Hair Co. & Salon, please let her know the redhead is stalking her. Please have her put me out of my misery with an email. A text. Anything. I’m desperate.



  1. what happened to all your freckles in that picture? I wasn't sure it was you.

    FROM SK: I used this powder–not trying to cover anything–that has a slight shimmer in it. I've read that using a powder with subtle shimmer (not teen glitter) acts like a softening filter in photographs, as the light bounces, and the eye cannot really focus. BTW, the Retin-A micro, for those wondering, is outstanding. I'm no longer peeling, flaking, or red, and I now use it nightly. I love it!

  2. I know of a Stacy Glynn that lived in New jersey and now lives in Philadephia PA and has the new last name Brander. it Could be her.. I dont think I have any other contact info for her, maybe an old address. She is about 39 or so. Does that sound right?

  3. Found her. Googled Texas licensed cosmetologists. I'll send you the information via your e-mail since it appears to be a home address and phone.

  4. Ok, yea for Allison for finding her but boo for ruining the fun in the project for the rest of us.

    Let's do six degrees of sepration again. Pick out another name and lets see if we can track someone down.

  5. Re: Retin-A Micro. I am glad you love it. It is a great product. I have been using it too and love it too. Although one morning I accidentially used an old toner with AHA after applying Retin-A the night before and got some flaking. What skin cleanser are you using? I switched to Aveda All Sensitive and I love it.

  6. First of all, I love this blog and the wonderfully resourceful people who read it! Second, I called her. She's no longer doing hair!! I could tell when she answered the phone that she was at work, not doing hair. I told her I could get her amazing business, but who knows. She's of course working a full day tomorrow and cannot perform her miracles on my hair. I have a photoshoot tomorrow, which will, no doubt, be hot as balls. Hopefully, though, it will not be humid. I now must find another $30 miracle worker.

    Products post to come tomorrow, since I've been getting so many emails about products! Yum. I love being a girl.

  7. How long ago did you lose her, if that is a copy of Moose on the table? And thank you, for the 'curls at the ends' tip..I've oft wondered how to achieve the same.

  8. Would you mind sharing what foundation and powder you're wearing in this photo? Looks very pretty.

  9. If it's her, please share the info with all of us…who wouldn't want such divine hair attention! My person always seems to head south 6 months into a relationship anyway. What's up with that?

  10. I don't get it. This hair is so dated and retro — not in a good way. The bouncy curls are not modern or flattering. These photos — the makeup, the clothes and the blowout — make you look years older than you are. I don't get why you aren't interested in a more natural and flattering look that's age-appropriate for a such a pretty young woman???

  11. I learned this lesson the hard way too. Now I make sure my hairstylist has my business card so she can call me if she moves…

  12. I have never seen a photo look less like the person it is in my entire life! Is that really you??

  13. I hate when this happens. It seems to happen a lot and isn't exclusive to any particular salon. The high end salons do seem to have a little less turnover but still it's a revolving door. And I hate when they simply give the cryptic
    "They're no longer with us" or "He/She has decided to pursue other opportunities". Even if I sit in another chair at the same salon I try and get crafty and sneak in a 'So, did you know so-and-so? What happened?" The stylist shuts down and gives me a look. I only had one stylist ask me for my email as she was planning the move ahead of time and was saavy enough to tell clients. The ones who leave suddenly perhaps did not have much choice in the matter.

    And yay for future product sharing post. I often am not product loyal, though, no matter how good it is- I get bored easily and pretty packaging always makes me 'cheat' on my stand by.

    FROM SK: I did the very thing you described. I poked. Still, I got a "I really don't know what happened." Stacey, in the meanwhile, just called me back. She's going to find out if her license will let her practice outside of a salon… in which case, I'll hook you all up with her info. Stay tuned.

  14. Ooh ooh ooh, what's the powder you used? Please share! And yay to Allison for alleviating Stephanie's misery!

  15. Not that anyone asked for my opinion, but I think Stephanie looks beautiful and very youthful in that picture. (And being freckly myself, would love the name of the powder).

  16. For future reference, will find nearly anyone and everyone you want to find. Even people who can't be found on Google or in other places seem to be there.

  17. Your hairdressers usually wash your hair themselves? The salons I've been to always have someone else do that

  18. I agree with Emily — I loved those pics, and I really thought the B&W one of her on the stool was author-photo perfect! I know there are nutso Stephanie fans and nutso Stephanie detractors, but I can't see how it's possible for someone to look at those photos and think anything other than, "She looks so '70s chic and gorgeous."

  19. I appreciate the raving reviews and the impressive effort taken in tracking me down! I enjoy doing hair and working with my clients but I've decided to put that on hold somewhat – for now at least. I did leave Kisma on good terms but I left there without providing them with any information. It was my decision.

    I needed to move on and explore other options for the time being and who knows what will turn up in my future. I also have a business degree so my options are wide open.

    That goofy Bebo thing was me… I was asked to join via e-mail years ago and had forgotten all about it since. I’ve never used it. Unfortunately, in our industry stylists do move around frequently and it's hard to tell your clients w/out other people overhearing your conversation. If you get caught telling your clients that you're leaving and going to a new salon, you risk getting terminated. At least that was what I saw happening in the salons I've worked in. It wasn’t the case with me but… it happens.

    In order to maintain my license legally, I will have to see what is required for me to do on-site jobs. If the Texas Cosmetology Commission allows some sort certification with specific regulations, I will look into them and see what I can do. In the meantime, I have put too much money and time into obtaining my license to risk loosing it all. I will contact them and see if there is anything I can do and I will keep you posted. This may take a little time. I will try to contact them tomorrow. Stay beautiful!


    FROM SK: You're such a doll. Thank you. And I completely respect your decision. I do hope you know how very talented you are and hope you'll stay in touch.

  20. As a redhead with long curly hair, I completely envy the bouncy yumminess you have going on in this picture. And now that I am sporting the first freckles of the season, I am shopping for shimmery powder asap.

  21. Stephanie – you look stunning.

    Stacey – I absolutely love your post. Makes me want to fly across the country to have you work on my hair too. You could have an amazing clientele just with Stephanie's loyal fans.

    How fun – who should we find now? That only took a few mere hours. How about Osama?

    Just kidding.

  22. Stephanie, I know you've been getting a lot of product questions, but here's one more: Can you PLEASE tell me if Retin A micro is the same thing as Retin A?? Thanks! Btw, I think you look great in that picture. Your skin looks like a porcelain doll. Do you think it's b/c of the powder you're using, the Retin A Micro, or a combo of the two? Can't wait to see you in Manhasset at your book tour! Anyone else going to that reading??

  23. Imagine my surprise when I clicked on your blog, as I do every morning, and saw that you were looking for MY SISTER!! How exciting!!!

    I've been following you for over a year, and have you saved in my favorites – you are a fabulous writer and I love that you share your life to the world.

    The kind words you wrote about sister were truly amazing – and I do agree – she is a talented stylist who will hopefully find her way back to the salon someday. A lot of her clients were sad to see her go, and more importantly, she was sad she couldn't tell everyone.

    I wish you continued success in life…and thanks again for appreciating my sister's talents as much as I do!!

  24. I'd LOVE to be in on the information if Stacy decides to practice on the side, so to speak. I'm getting married in Austin in November, and have zero contacts there. Thanks!

  25. You look just like Leighton Meester in this picture! So pretty!

    Thats funny that you were able to find your hair guru! Perhaps this will inspire her to go back into business.

  26. oh, i know those stalks. did one myself. never had a 'hair person before', now i fear that the only one i'd ever have is gone. for good.
    Industry Salon in Gettysburg. Sheila. Finaly found her name, found a listing; unlisted. Damn.

  27. OMG! The same thing happened to me with a guy named Wes who used to work there about 2 years ago they wouldn't tell me where he went either. He was great!

  28. If you're ever in LA/Santa Monica, look up John Yama @ North of Montana. He's been doing my boyfriend's family's hair for ages and mine now that I've switched from the 1 Line to the 10 Freeway. We have pretty similar hair (Jewfro) and the man is a miracle worker particularly in the de-frizzing and coloring department. He's also a Michelangelo with a blow-dryer.

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