five is the loveliest number

Without fail, I’m usually asked to describe myself in a word. A single word, as if that’s even possible. "Fine," they say, "describe yourself in five words." I need to roll up my sleeves and get this one down because I know it’ll spring up soon enough. If forced, which five words would you use to describe yourself? Answer. Then ask those closest to you (a parent, a lover, a sibling, a friend or two) to describe YOU using only five words, and do the same for them. Is there any parity? Is there a gap between how you see yourself and how the world around you does? If so, what have you learned from it?

It sounds like one of those quizzes in Cosmo, except there’s no mention of a martini or an erogenous zone. Still, I think it’s Tuesday fun. Please report your findings here as they roll in. Commit to your five words first. Post them. Then return to post what others said and how you feel about it.



  1. Loyal, Pain In The Ass, Classy, Great Lover, Great Mommy…of course this is all today. Tomorrow it could be a completely different 5 words.

  2. Hmmm. This IS hard!! Here goes- steady. Sarcastic, Type-A, (disgustingly)loyal, compassionate.

  3. You think one is hard- five is even harder!
    loving, dependable, creative, independent and Type-A (Thanks Lori, I think that is a good catch all descriptor :) )

  4. brilliant, beautiful, extraordinary, inspirational and…modest.

    Oh just kidding.

    I would say calm, optimistic, focused, centered and friendly.

  5. here goes, in no particular order:

    intellectual, dependable, gabby, sarcastic, independent

    words i wish i could honestly add to the list (i'm working on them): thoughtful, creative, easy-going, brave, graceful

    and to the general commenting public: saying "type-A" is cheating, even if it's true. this is just lazy. notice how you only hear "type-A" people describe themselves this way? you never hear people describe themselves as "type-B". that's because they are the ones with enough creativity to think of a better way to describe themselves. (and this is coming from a seriously obsessive compulsive, anal retentive, type-A person)

  6. loyal, organized, friendly, creative, dreamer
    (but i could also say: jealous, lazy, neurotic, worrier, and competitive)

    Mom says I'm: persistent, loyal, sophisticated, organized and creative (and approachable)

    I'm going to have to keep thinking though… Interesting. Thanks, Stephanie.

  7. Intense, direct, creative, slightly insecure, very interested in people.

  8. Loyal, optimistic, cautious, giving, strong.

    I agree, really hard… and surprising how many not-so-terrific adjectives crossed my mind, that I was willing to admit to. But funny, they didn't make the final five. ;-) Thanks for the brain exercise! Will definitely share with family and friends.

  9. OK, hubby said

    – Intelligent
    – Beautiful
    – Loving
    – Humorous
    – and last, but not least, SEXY

    My list was pretty close to his, but I think my list was influenced by what I thought he would say, if that makes any sense. What an interesting experiment. Thanks!

  10. empathetic,loving, sad, sarcastic, stubborn

    husband says: loving, intelligent, stubborn, beautiful, bitchy

    Ilove your five, Colleen

  11. Jenni,

    Fortunately, I had to look up the definition of callipygous.
    Otherwise, I would have spewed Dr. Pepper all over myself. You have enriched my vocabulary.

  12. As of today:

    In general on a day I haven't resigned my job:

  13. so I've been told……..
    emotional, loyal, neurotic, simple, kind-hearted

  14. I described myself as:
    1. Opinionated
    2. Sarcastic
    3. Inflexible
    4. Compassionate
    5. Likeable (because, despite 1-3, people still like me!)

    Hubby described me as:
    1. Loyal
    2. Beautiful
    3. Loving
    4. Book-smart
    5. Neurotic (but, when pressed, admitted that he didn't really know what that meant!)

    While I don't disagree with his picks for 1-4, those weren't the first words to come to mind.

    > Neurotic!

  15. i thought it would be more fun to ask my husband too. here's what he came up with:

    cool, cheese, salt

    …cheese and salt are my absolute favorite foods.

    he came up with love when i raised an eyebrow then went straight to shopping.

    so i guess cool, cheese, salt, love and shopping.

    he's really romantic and sentimental.

  16. hmmm here goes nothing:

    giving, smart, stubborn, caring, contemplative

  17. Understanding

    Mmmm….I have to admit that some of my family and friends might add "stubborn" but then that would make six and you asked for only five, so I just have to leave that one out!

  18. If I had to make a list, it would be: intelligent, stubborn, driven, opinionated, loyal.

    If it were a sentence/descriptor of five words: Endlessly fascinated by nearly everything.

    I ran this by a few friends and they just laughed. Apparently I am more stubborn than even I think.

  19. funny, emotional, hard-headed, intuitive, caring

    Will update with what the bf says… sorry i know this is late!

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