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LOST. Season 4. Premiere. What did I think?

Mrshephard2_2 I wanted more because I’m greedy. I wanted answers and hate waiting for them. Go ahead and skip this post if you’re a)not interested b) still catching up on the series via DVD c) a purist and don’t believe in using technology to slow down the show and analyze some screengrabs.

I still think it’s Michael in the coffin (despite the obvious neighborhood), that he’ll be part of Season 4, that we’ll see what else he’s up to, and obviously what lead to his death. Because that newspaper article Jack had in his hand said he was survived by a teenage son.

Who is Jacob? Last night we got to see a bit more of him, and with the suit and all, it looks as if it’s Christian Shepard, Jack’s father, whose body was never found in the coffin on the island. However, it could be the same actor who plays Christian Shepard, supposedly appearing as an older Jack.

Whose eye is in the window? Could be Jacob’s eye, the way that guy moves around. Or it could be Locke.

What I want to know is, how did Locke know what happened to Charlie? Sayid, Hurley, Bernard, and Sawyer were together when Desmond let them know that Charlie died, and that he alerted them that it’s "Not Penny’s Boat." Then Locke shows up with his, we have to warn Jack and the people with him, or Charlie’s death was in vain.

Yes, we get that it’s the beginning of the end, both of the show and the downward spiral. We see all the mirrors, the way Hurley in the flash forward tells Jack they need to go back, the same as Jack eventually says to Kate, but who now says no way. I hope they don’t kill us with stuff like that because it annoys me. We also know that the Oceanic 6 need to lie about their time on the island, with Jack screaming to Kate by the airport, "I’m tired of lying" and with Hurley denying he knew Anna Lucia.

If Hurley is imagining he sees Charlie, why can someone else see him? Why does that other dude alert Hugo that someone’s watching him, pointing to Charlie? Unless the other patient saw someone else, and Hurley saw him as Charlie. Who knows. One thing I do believe, however, is whether they’re hallucinations or not, they’re happening for a reason other than Hurley’s mental state. Because when he’s in that questioning room, he sees Charlie under water, and Charlie presses his hand against the glass, and his hand reads "THEY NEED YOU." Hurley obviously never witnessed Charlie’s death, hadn’t seen it himself. So for him to see something in that great a detail (something he’d never seen before, only heard about), something else is at play.

It’s also painfully obvious that Ben is not the bad guy or the man behind the curtain. And what’s up with Jack pulling the unloaded gun’s trigger like that? I know he told Kate earlier that he’d kill Locke if he saw him because he was pissed about the submarine sabotage, but this is Jack. Maybe Locke was sure Jack wouldn’t kill him (not only because he knew the gun wasn’t loaded) but because, if Jacob is really Jack in the future or even Jack’s dad in the future, Locke must have been tipped off to what would happen… it’s why earlier he says, "you’re not supposed to do this," and why he was also so confident that Jack wouldn’t kill him.

And as I said at the finale of season 3, I believe Jack (and Claire’s) father is alive in the flash-forward, that it’s not just Jack tripping out.I think when the Oceanic 6 were returned, it somehow reset things, as if some of the events that happened before their initial departure haven’t happened yet.

Who do you think are the Oceanic 6?
Whose eye do you think that was?
Who do you think is in the coffin?
Who do you think the "he" is that Kate refers to when meeting Jack at the airport… "He’ll notice I’m gone"? (perhaps it’s someone we haven’t met yet?) That or she had Sawyer’s baby. Or it’s her "real dad" the one she blew up in the past (but now that they’re back, it’s like the past reset itself?)
Who is "Jacob?"



  1. Stephanie,

    Did you catch what exactly the lawyer said to Hurley in the mental hospital – who did he say was still alive?

    I wish I had the answers to ANY of your questions!

  2. Sadly I have no answers for you. I'm still lost, heehee. I do have another question. How is Hurley one of the 6? He went with Locke not Jack. Huh? And so what if the people coming to the island aren't who they say they are. I still would want to be rescued. I mean they have to be humans from the real world. Right? Why did Hurley apologize to Jack and say I should've went with you? And did the scene with Jack and Hurley at the mental institution happen before Jack tried to kill himself. I ask this cause he said he was thinking of growing a beard, which he had when he was going crazy. Oh God, I have too many questions and not enough answers!!!

    FROM SK: The scene with Hurley and Jack, (um, assuming Jack wasn't Hurley's imagination either–which is unlikely) shooting hoops happens way before Jack's ultimate shame spiral, way before he contemplates suicide on the bridge. We see him add some vodka to his OJ in the morning. It's just the start of it. We already know he'll grow that beard because we've seen him later. Obviously something will be revealed in episodes to come, as to why Hurley says he made the wrong decision going with Locke that day.

    What I still don't get though is on the island Hurley said to Bernard how excited he was to go back because no one would know it was him, that he wouldn't have to have all that money anymore. This makes no sense to me. He still goes by the same name. Why wouldn't he still have all that money? Because he was mistakenly pronounced dead when they stopped searching for the flight and decided to say there were no survivors, so his estate was cleared out? Isn't he entitled to all that back, given that he wasn't dead?

  3. Who do you think are the Oceanic 6?
    Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sawyer, Sun, Jin( Juliet is another possibility)

    Whose eye do you think that was?
    Who do you think is in the coffin?
    Michael, the teenage son thing seems to confirm it
    Who do you think the "he" is that Kate refers to when meeting Jack at the airport…
    Sawyer. It's too perfect for Jack and Kate to love each other like they seem to, and for him to

    Who is "Jacob?"
    I'm hoping it's not some future version of Jack or some other nonsense. I like Scifi better than most, but that seems at this point like a cheap trick. Maybe as the story unfolds it will seem more plausible, or at least make coherent narrative sense.

  4. Yeah, Hurley's comment was strange. I first just thought he meant the money would be gone so the curse would be gone. But there has to be more to it. The episode sorta felt like things were all threaded together in their minds. Spooky!

    And where are Michael and Walt? I've always thought from the beginning of Lost that it was Walt's world. I remember how he killed the bird, possibly his mom, and brought on the polar bears. Maybe I'm way off, but I just feel Walt is a key.

  5. I agree that it's Michael in the coffin for the reasons you state and also because when ABC reaired the finale in Pop-Up Video format, the pop-up text said the person who died was from New York and died in Los Angeles. I believe Michael and Walt were the only two from New York.

    If they both survived, that gives us five of the "Oceanic Six" Hurley referred to last night. Sawyer seems too obvious an answer, but as he's fond of pointing out, he is pretty good at surviving …

  6. Oceanic 6 – Jack, Kate, Hurley, Claire, Aaron… and mystery coffin dude

    Eye – Desmond (looks like him) or Jacob

    Coffin – Saywer (because he could have another kid around somewhere) or Michael

    Kate's "He" – her child. OR… She's obviously more "well-off" in the future with the Volvo and the gorgeous skin and shiny hair, which she never had in the flashbacks. Maybe she hooked up with one of the captors or someone who wanted to offer her protection from the law in exchange for her sticking around. So, someone we haven't met yet?

    Jacob – who knows? This totally has me stumped. I don't believe he's anyone we know already. Can't wait to find out though!

    I guess I'm not frustrated that we aren't getting answers because I know that when we do finally get a lot of answers, the show would be practically over!

  7. Ugh, I need to go back and watch it again. Once was not enough. I don't have TIVO or a DVR so I have to rely on to make it available… my heart can't take it. I have the first two seasons on DVD and the third on iTunes – Honestly, I think I need to start from the beginning and watch all of them again. Maybe that's how I'll spend my rainy weekend.

    On another note, on a few people made reference to a child size coffin (on the plane)? Do you know what this is about?

  8. Christian Sheppard as Jacob – there's a screen shot of the scene and it's definitely that actor. He's also listed on imdb as having been in the episode. I'd think they would age Matthew Fox with makeup, if he was supposed to be Jack.

    Michael's the guy in the coffin – i agree on the teenage son reference. it would also explain why Kate wouldn't go to the funeral and why he had a different name in the article. He made it back to the real world separately, and not as part of the Oceanic 6.

    I'd say the "others" can't be part of the Oceanic 6 since they weren't on the plane roster – so Juliet and Ben could get off the island, but would not be part of the official 6.

    Hurley's mental friend seeing Charlie – I agree that maybe he's seeing someone else entirely, or the friend is also a figment of Hurley's imagination.

    Locke's knowledge of Charlie – I think it happened in a commercial break. Hurley gives a recap to him, but we just don't see it in the episode.

    The "Him" Kate refers to – again more theories that she either adopts Aaron after something happens to Claire or it's her love child with Sawyer

  9. One other note, didn't Jack make reference to signing autographs – aren't the Oceanic 6 celebrities? If that's the case, then if the person in the coffin was one of the 6, wouldn't their funeral be a media circus? No one came to this mystery person's funeral. Sorry to double post but I wanted to get your thoughts on this too. Thanks!!

    FROM SK: Remember Ben supposedly sent Michael and Walt back, let them go. So Michael could still be back in NY and not considered part of the Oceanic 6.

  10. What I want to know is, how did Locke know what happened to Charlie?

    When Hurley was lost in the jungle, after John found him they were sitting and talking. And though they didn't show the whole conversation, it seems that Hurley has told him what happened to Charlie because at that point he mentions the message. (Not Penny's Boat)

  11. Damn I love this show so much. I was pretty convinced it was Ben in the coffin, but I didn't know about that teenage son bit, which doesn't really work. I don't think Jacob is any of the survivors. I think the eye was Locke's. I'm assuming all of Hurley's money would have gone to the govt since he died without a will. My question is how did Naomi know about Penny Widmore and Desmond?

  12. All very good theories! I am also stumped by Jacob but I do think Locke is somehow affiliated with Jacob because of when he showed up with Hurley and him knowing about Charlie.

  13. Didn't Sawyer's ex girlfriend have his baby? Or am I imagining that? So, it could be Sawyer in the coffin.

    FROM SK: No, his daughter is "Clementine," and the article said "survived by his teenage son." Perhaps Locke had a son, because he slept with that woman, and then when she found out he was lying about still seeing his dad, she left him.

  14. I forgot about them not finding the body of Jack's Dad (and remember, he's also Claire's Dad) on the island. It's making me crazy that he's still alive in Jack's future/bearded world.
    I'm going out on a limb and saying the senior Dr. comes back from the dead and is among the Oceanic 6.
    Perhaps that's who the "lawyer" was asking Hurley about?
    Oceanic 6 – Jack, Kate, Hurley, Jack's Dad and I'm not sure who else
    no Sawyer, no Locke, no Ben
    BTW – it's good to have Desmond back on TV. To answer Rachel – I'm guessing Naomi knew about Desmond and Penny (and had the photo) because the Dharma people (the fake rescuers) know of Desmond when he was working in the hatch.
    By the end of the series the Others aren't going to took so bad compared to the return of Dharma people.

  15. I don't watch "Lost," but when I came across it while channel-surfing, I chuckled in anticipation of a blog like this today. :)

  16. I'm assuming that the "rescuers" are the Dharma/Hanso Foundation people who were fighting the "hostiles". My assumption during the episdoe was that Hurley's vistor was from that group, and they want the "secret" the six are keeping, possibly about who and what is still on the island. The Producers have created quite a bit of mythology around the Dharma Initiative in variety of ways. ( check out the youtube video for the Orchid orientation film). The Dharma initiative and the mystery surrounding it's true intentions is still unclear. I think we will be learning more about them in upcoming episodes.

  17. I think it's either Ben or Michael in the coffin. Maybe Ben has a son we don't know about yet? I read somewhere that the coffin was pretty short, making it unlikely that someone big like Locke or Sawyer could be in there.

    I think Christian Shephard is at the root of much of what has happened to the Lost folks, though I'm not sure how. I think he is not dead and that he is Jacob. Hurley never met Jack's dad, right? So it's not possible that Hurley hallucinated him in the shack, because he wouldn't know what he looked like.

    I think once a person leaves the island, he is not allowed to go back. I think Michael died trying to go back, and Jack's nature is to help/fix, so he eventually feels he has to go back, even if it means risking his life again. Kate, on the other hand, has always only looked out for herself, and so is perfectly happy to stay put and never go back.

    I love this show.

  18. Anybody else think that what they're all "lying" about is what happened to the people they left behind? The "lawyer" that visited Hurley was definitely fishing around to see what he knew about who was still on the island. My guess is something goes down on the island that makes the "6" turn their backs on the rest of them in order to save themselves and now they're all going crazy with the guilt.

  19. Maybe when Charlie returns to see Hurley he's not a hallucination, but a ghost. A restless spirit returning to right a wrong. Maybe that's why the other mental patient can also see him.

    My big question is: what about the other Oceanic 815 plane that was supposedly found full of dead bodies? How did that happen? Cover up? Alternative universe? The mind boggles.

  20. When I saw Kate pull up in the nice car, I automatically associated her with Penny's Dad, who had all the money in the world. I think he may have chosen to rescue those on the island who were willing to leave Desmond behind, which is why they can't talk about anyone left there. This would explain why Naomi knew who they were, and we all know with enough money and determination you can do anything.

    I'm not even going to begin to venture guesses on the whole Jacob issue, but I can't wait for the rest of this season to unfold!

  21. I think that some sort of deal was made or a series of situations happened allowing the oceanic 6 to go home. my thought is that they took it assuming they could just go home, get a boat and go back for the rest…but soon discovered that was impossible for reasons unknown. the longer they are away the more guilt ridden they become. kate doesnt seem to have much guilt which makes me think that the "him" she refers to is her child or claires child and she knows that she made the right decision leaving thus saving the child.
    in any case, i also believe the dharma has a lot to do with things, or maybe not just the dharma but all of the different corporations weve seen mentioned on and off the show over the last few years; the widmore group, the hanso foundation, paik industries, daimlerchrystler corporation have all been linked which links on island characters as well–and now with (whos gone there yet? it was shown in the commercial abc played during eli stone) we find a link between hanso and a new one called the maxwell group. who is behind all of these groups and corporations?! and what do they have to do with the island and 815?

  22. omg, the headache i have today is intensifying! i soooo loved this show the first season and a half. then i got ticked about how they seemed to throw assorted junk in, didn't answer previous questions, killed off my favorite character mr. eco (sp?), skipped many weeks with no episodes, and generally just annoyed and strained my brain. i never went back. i watched 2 seconds this week. after reading this, i know i was right to stay away. too many questions, too much aggravation, for me! glad others still enjoy and are pleased tho.

  23. Though it makes sense that the person in the coffin is Michael, the person in the coffin is also very SHORT. You can really tell from the aerial shot looking down when Jack's standing there at the viewing. I don't know if either Michael or Jack are that short. I suspect it's someone we haven't met yet. Why would Michael go by a fake name? (Unless he's on the run from The Others.)

    I like the theory that Christian Shepard/Jacob is actually Jack, but older. I'm not sure I believe it, but I do like it.

    In the future I don't think Sawyer would prevent Kate from seeing Jack on a pity mission, after all they'd been through. I doubt Kate's with Sawyer in the flash-forward. It has to be someone more nefarious than that. Obviously the 6 have not sworn never to see one another again, b/c Jack did visit Hurley in the hospital. But maybe the person Kate is with has forbidden her to contact any of the other survivors.

    I think we're going to be seeing some flash forwards of Jack being haunted by someone, much like Hurley is. The "alternate dimensions" idea seems to explain how Charlie could haunt Hurley and yet also be real. I wonder who would then start to haunt Jack, enough to make him so torn up? He seems to have a decent grip on his demons in this new flash-forward. Maybe it's Locke.

    Who are the 6? My guess right now:
    Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sun, Claire, Aaron

    I can't see the show killing a pregnant woman or a baby, and I can't see them missing a chance to let both Juliet and Sawyer become huge heroic martyrs, especially now that they've thrown them together in a scene.

  24. Stephanie,
    A while back you wrote about the book that Lost is based on, but I can't find that post. Can you please remind me of the title?

  25. someone asked earlier "My big question is: what about the other Oceanic 815 plane that was supposedly found full of dead bodies? How did that happen? Cover up? Alternative universe? The mind boggles."

    i wonder that too. on (i think) thursday the actress who plays juliet was on the view, and whoopi who is a fan of the show was given a tidbit to tease the audience with. she said that soon it would be revealed and shown that another plane labled oceanic 815 with bodies still in it has been discovered on the bottom of the ocean and the mystery surrounding it will be investigated or something along those lines. also, during the oceanic commerical shown at the end of eli stone there were small embedded clips about which showed footage of that plane. i dont know if its a cover up or something bigger, but i think we will find out this season! at least i hope we will find out this season! this writers strike needs to let up so they can finish the season—-so far only 8 episodes have been filmed! only 7 more to go before we run out!

  26. Hopelessly addicted to this show.

    Oceanic 6: Jack, Kate, Kate's baby, Hurley, Desmond, and Juliet.

    I paused on the eye several times and felt pretty confident that it was Locke's eye.

    I believe Michael is in the coffin. I too believe that Walt will end up being extremely relevant to the overall story further down the road.

  27. OK, here's MY problem…not only is there a "he" that Kate refers to in Flash Forward (which, by the way, was the name of the book Stephanie mentioned before), but Hurley also says to Jack, "I think he wants us to come back"…

    So what's up with that????

    I'm soooo sad it'll be done after three more years…it better not get cancelled before that!

    FROM SK: Hurley said, "I think IT wants us to go back"

  28. I don't know why everybody thinks the "he" Kate is referring to is a baby. First of all, I think even if Claire came back with her baby, he wouldn't be counted as one of the 6. He wasn't technically a passenger on the plane. I don't even think the flash forward was far forward enough for Kate to have had a baby off of the island (remember she would have to conceive off the island or she would die). Also, the way she says "he'll know I'm gone" or whatever, it was like she was a little afraid of whoever she was talking about. Like she had to sneak away. I'm not even sure that Kate would be the one to take care of Claire's baby if it did happen to become orphaned somehow. She's not exactly the maternal type. I think the other 3 of the six are Jin OR Sun, Sawyer and Claire. (I think either Sun dies because of the whole island/pregnancy thing, or the baby survives, but Jin dies, Claire and Jack still don't even know they're related… they have to figure it out somehow, which is why I think Jack's father still has a role to play in the show).

  29. this post made me a little dizzy. i have been so anxiously awaiting the return of lost but watching it just makes me got damn crazy.

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