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I still kind of have no idea where I’m going in Austin.  "Kind of" because I can get downtown, know where a few off the beaten path restaurants are, but I rely heavily on my GPS to get from A to C by way of B.  When I take the beans to a play date at someone’s home, the trusty GPS has me charging down side streets.  And as I drive, I don’t much notice the road as it stretches out in front of me.  I see houses and hydrangeas, brick walls and gates, fences and florals.  Driveways and tire swings.  Where am I?  How have I never seen this part of town?  I have to drive this way with Phil next time.  I wonder if he knows this area.  Exposition and Windsor.  The trees are lush, the landscaping rich with flowers.  We spend so much time on MOPAC,that we miss the lives lived on the side.  We know all the ins and outs near 35th street because of all that time spent at the hospital.  But we never drove by way of Exposition.  I wonder what else we’re missing, always taking the direct route.  You know, metaphorically speaking.



  1. One of my favorites routes to get downtown from 360 and Westlake Drive is to take 2222 from 360 towards MoPac. About halfway to MoPac, after you pass all the curves, turn right onto Mount Bonnell. Mount Bonnell will end at 35th Street. (By the way, the park directly across from where Mount Bonnell ends, is stunning, perfect for photos, and the beans could see their first peacock.) Take 35th Street West to Exposition, take Exposition South to Enfield and take Enfield West to downtown. On the reverse trip, as you are travelling North on Mount Bonnell, just after you pass the parking area to walk to the top, you come around a curve and are treated to the most beautiful vista of Lake Austin, the 360 (or "Pennybacker") Bridge and the entire area. Just don't get into an accident when you see this view!

  2. there are so many pretty houses and neighborhoods off of exposition. you should also try just east of mopac on the other side off of hartford… i like seeing all the big trees and flowers and "wow" houses. who lives there?

  3. When I was a kid, my mom would take my sister and I to a public pool in that neighborhood. I don't know if it's still there, it was tucked into an area that if you didn't know it was there, you couldn't find it… and it was about 50 years old when we used to go there. Beautiful area though.

    Austin street names can be hard to explain to newcomers/visitors, but you've been there about a year now so you probably know all the basics. But I lived there until I was 23 and I still "discover" areas of town all the time.

  4. What about the WBC count of 615 in the CSF, why so high and what type of white cells?

    Following with interest here, and hope all is fully and completely well, and that you continue to enjoy the scenery along the way, both metaphorically and literally.

  5. I've lived most of my life in Albany and yet I still can't get from my house downtown. Yet I can drive from Maryland to Virgina blindfolded and from Long Island to most everywhere. But I just never got the hang of Albany.

  6. I imagine you are relaxing and smiling even though you are on "hold". I am anyway! Wait and watch isn't easy but it is better than going in there too quickly. This may just be a malformation that you would never have found except for them going over him with such a fine tooth comb? Sounds like it could cause his jerks too? I very much hope there will be no change in 3 months. Take care.

  7. Just adore Austin, explore and discover as much as you can… Abigail and Lucas are lucky to have been born in Texas AND that they will also explore and enjoy NYC on vacation…(-;

  8. I've been here for a grand total of 14 years, though 6 in college were focused around the 40 acres that made up UT-Austin. (Those 40 acres have got to be more like 60 these days).

    I still find myself purposely getting lost in certain parts of town. Try Clarksville — get lost in the neighborhood near Nau's, Cippolina (you'd love their thin brick-oven pizza), Galaxy Cafe. Kid-friendly spots, a little closer in to downtown than Exposition, a little hipper …

  9. Does Lucas seem to be happy and comfortable? Because if so, it sounds like the doctor's notes are reassuring that Lucas is ok for now and just needs to be monitored. Did you find any peace with the doctor's opinion?

  10. Regarding the direct route – I think that OFTEN times we miss a lot when we focus on one particular path and charge forward. However, I also know that there are times when having a focus can help us miss the unhealthy paths that may tempt us along the way.

    I think I am missing out on life in general because each day I have simply a short term goal to make it to the end of the day. I don't know how to seperate the choas that is my daily life and look at the big picture. I'm afraid that when I can finally see the big picture, it will be too late and I'll regret not figuring this all out earlier on.

  11. Metaphorically speaking is a much bigger question, but in Austin you are missing the other side of MOPAC too…
    Exposition and Windsor is Tarrytown. On the opposite side of the highway, between Mopac and Lamar is Pemberton and Old Enfield. Some of the oldest homes and most beautiful streets in Austin. Check on the houses on and around Niles road.
    And Magnolia cafe on Lake austin blvd for pancakes. And Fonda San Miguel for real mexican instead of texmex. And surely you have been to Central Market?

    In Boston now, but grew up in Houston and spent 10 yrs in Austin (college and then some). Was just in town last week driving down 5th towards the airport and struck by how western it all looks – odd cause I never noticied it before and I've only been gone for 2 years. But compared to Boston, even Austin looks like Texas.

  12. Sometimes technology gets in the way of life – turn off the GPS and just look around as you drive and take it all in, the sights, sounds and smells. That's the best way to get to know a new place.

  13. I agree with Writer-Editor. Throw the GPS and the Blackberry (if you own one) in the trash. That's where mine went. Well, I gave it to a friend.

  14. Take a moment for yourself and get lost in Clarksville, bounded by Lamar, Mopac, Enfield (15th St) and Lady Bird Lake (Townlake). It's small so you can't seriously get lost but it has plenty to explore. Plus, it's convenient to downtown, great shopping and good eats. I miss Austin!

  15. Get lost. There's no better way to find new things. Metaphorically speaking as well as figuratively…

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