They’ve gone wireless, and they’re now in our home calling area. 
"I’m calling from the back of the getaway car."
"We’ve sprung the hospital."
"You mean you’re with the babies right now?"
"Yeah, my ass is squeezed between two car seats.  I haven’t fit in the middle seat since I was eight."
"They’re really coming home?"
"Yes, they’re really, really coming home." 

Then I started to tear a little, looking down at their sweet squishy faces, tucked into their oversized car seats.  They’re now wireless and officially ours. 



  1. Oh My God!! How wonderful for you!!!! Seems so quick too, although I'm SURE not for you. Good luck and enjoy them while they are little!!! Im SO happy for you all!!!

  2. Ahh I can't believe it!! Time Flies and you're beans are home!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! God Bless!! They are so precious and by the way I love the way you posted the news !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I've been reading your site forever, but have never commented. I am so happy you are taking the little ones home. I am not a mother, and probably won't be one for quite some time, but any woman would know what a great day this must be for you. I wish you, Phil and the babies the best of luck!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS….I'm so happy for you. Kiss sleeping all night goodbye. Congratulations again, I can feel your excitement.

  5. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous baby in the getaway car! I know you're thrilled to now have your sleepless nights require you to only stroll down the hall and not across town. Those are two little fighters you have there. Can't wait to see all the welcome home pics you'll have!

  6. oh i am beyond words with happiness and relief for you. as a nicu nurse i understand that wireless feeling, it will be a joy to do the mundane (diaper changes, or just picking them up) without having to worry about tangled wires or stickers falling off. ENJOY your babies – you have earned it!

  7. Ahhh!!!! Congratulations! They're wireless and so adorable! Wishing you many, many happy days ahead with your little ones at home with you guys, finally.

  8. sitting at my desk tearing up, because i am so happy for you, and from reading all of your wonderful comments!

  9. Such pretty babies. Love Lucas' hat, is that a little turtle on there?
    Im sure someone already told you and you probably already own some but just in case you didnt know, you can get these cushion like pillows that go around their heads since they're so tiny in their carseats.
    Im so glad they're finally home!

  10. Wow, honey… Mazel Tov and Congrats and wishing you the best. I don't want to sound like a Disney movie- But now the adventure begins! ;-)

  11. CONGRATS!!!!!! I'm so happy for you Phil and the Beans. So cute and tiny in the car seat!!!
    Congrats agian!!! Hope you stock piled SLEEP!!

  12. I remember the ride home with my baby girl. I sat in the back seat and cried as I watched her head bounce around… even though she was snugly strapped in, and had the infant head cushion between her and the carseat.
    I started thinking that the delay in posts was probably due to you and Phil rooming in- and, I am glad to see that the sweet babies are home!
    Has Lea come to bring Linus to his new home yet? What a wonderful time for the Klein girls! You are bringing home the beans, and Lea gets a furbaby! Hooray for all!

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