marathon sunday, again

It’s a milestone of a day for me, and it has nothing to do with the 26+ miles I don’t run.  Though I will be all too happy to bulk up on the carbs come Saturday night to show my support for the runners.  A pasta exchange party should have been planned.  My friends and I have been tossing the idea around.  The host parboils several different shapes of pasta (it’s important to only partially cook the pasta, so when heated for guests with sauce, it can finish cooking in the sauce).  The guests arrive with their bowl of sauce and fresh herbs… then it’s a pasta swap, with lots of parmesan and wine. I’ve been jonesing for paperadelle in a saffron leek with peas cream sauce.  I’m glad I’m thinking of pasta not pain.

On Sunday, thankfully, though, I won’t be near the marathon.  I’ll be here speaking about what it’s like to blog while writing a book.   I certainly plan on doing a lot of photography that day, so actually, I’m fantastic not forlorn.  Now, I’m off to Brooklyn for pizza and pictures (view them here).



  1. I do Atkins occasionally, and try to live a low-carb lifestyle, since carbs are not MY friend. But there is nothing better than digging into a huge bowl of pasta, or even better, getting that good Italian bread that is available in much of NYC. Or even better than that, the good Italian bread soaked in the sauce/gravy from the mussel dishes from some of the good Italian restaurants in NYC (including Brooklyn and The Bronx).

  2. Hey Stephanie, so glad you're in a happy place and doing so well! Your post is prodding me to go home and make some penne pasta and pesto, and maybe even home-made bread to have with my white wine tonight. Gosh, that sounds good. Have a happy weekend.

  3. I carb-loaded last weekend (D.C. marathon) and actually met a few people there who were doing both the D.C. and NYC marathons. One seems nuts to me. Two in a week…well, get the straightjacket.

  4. Damn it Klein! I just got done with my first class, and you made me hungry, and I am nowhere near my kitchen. Jerk! :)

    Enjoy your day, and may strained achillies tendons,leg cramps,and"the agony of defeat" follow your camera lense wherever you go!(not yours, I hope that was not infered)

  5. Long time lurker, first time poster.

    As an alumna, when I got the mailing for the conference, I scanned it for your name. To tell you the truth, I was rather indignant that I didn't see it. I thought that they were certainly missing out on some pure alumna talent.

    Glad to know they realize their mistake! Good luck with the panel. :)

  6. Found my way to your blog via your comments in another — nice work. And that's some serious company you're keeping at Barnard this weekend.

    Plus, you're gorgeous. Yeah, I'm shallow.

  7. Mmmmmm! I'm gonna head over to some Italian restaurant for a midnight snack now!

  8. There's a shop in Little Italy (okay, so I heard about it through Mario Batali) that makes incredible, fresh pasta. If you can, head over there beforehand, thus avoiding the need for parboiling. As for sauce, these days I go with a basic Classico sauce (Barilla works great too, btw) and then dummy it up with homemade roasted garlic, some extra basil, some cooked sausage (turkey if Kaia's eating) and I shave Parmigiano Reggiano into it a little while before it hits the macaroni.

    As for blogging AND booking, I've been doing the former for the past year, and I can't sustain much in the way of the latter for very long. I've actually been cheating: writing snippets of stories or ideas on the page, fleshing them out in hazy, broad strokes, then going back after prepping a blog entry and seeing what detail I can inject, piece by piece. The plus is it lets me accomplish both types of writing; the con is that the fiction suffers if I don't make an effort to insure the stuff sounds like it all came out of me on or about the same time. I'm interested in reading more about this from your perspective, and I wish you luck with it :)

  9. Hey that's great that you're doing this. My sister was an avid runner and she would cook these amazing pasta dish for her 'runner's parties', and she gave some to me before she left…(but I wasn't planning on running!)

    You must be Italian! ;) Never overcook pasta! :)

  10. Grimaldi's is overrated. But Sahadi's on Atlantic has the best hummus in the universe. Also hit up Floyd's on Atlantic for for some more Brooklyn cliched cuteness. Best wishes.

  11. i've been an avid reader of your blog for months now, but couldn't post comments. i'm computer impaired. just wanted to let you know that i love your writing and the no holds barred candidness and honesty you bring to every post. you talk about issues that women face with such grace, truth, and charisma.

    keep blogging and don't feel pressure to change with your newfound fame.

  12. I hope your talk goes well, I'm sure you'll be absolutely fab!

    Its 10:24am here and I'm now desperate mfor pasta…how did you do that?!?!


  13. Damn! I knew about this event, and I also knew that I wouldn't be able to make it up to our alma mater this weekend. Congrats on your panel spot! Wish I was there in person. I'll be there in spirit.

  14. Wish I could attend both the pasta party and the blog lecture.

    By the way, did you know they're opening a Hotel Gansevoort in South Beach? Maybe you can do some photography for it?

  15. I read you and I searh for you, but I can't seem to find you.
    Where have you been?

  16. I'm italian, from Rome, and I can say that there's nothing more satisfying than a BOWL full of pasta :D

  17. Wow —your pictures are great! Question for you—-have you ever displayed them at an exhibit in a gallery? Seriously? Or am I just 'clueless' here and you already have many times?

    Very talented! :)

  18. You have a way with a camera!!! Those are great pictures of Brooklyn, you and Monica and other areas!! I am simply at awe at the photographs. That's what I stride to be one day…..

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