the spy who loved me


The New York Daily News said today that I’m "one of New York’s most eligible bloggers."  Ahem, eligible for what, dare I ask?  I’ll tell you one thing for sure; I’m more than eligible to sing Carly Simon songs at the top of my lungs… but that, you so already knew. Highlights of the evening were singing Paradise By The Dashboard Light with Brett, listening to DiClerico sing Vanilla Ice, and being called “Annie” because I belted out actual showtunes (Adelaide’s Lament (Guys & Dolls) & I Can’t Say No (Oklahoma!)… “how do you even know this song???” The best part was the look on my friends’ faces. “Stephanie, oh my God, you can really sing! What can’t you do?” The most popular answer: dance. Runner-up: throw a ball. Have a look >>