new year’s eve rything


Smoked salmon over waffles with a dollop of creme fraiche, with dill
Scallop tartare three ways: pesto & olive oil, curry & chervil, white truffle oil, served over cucumber avocado sushi rolls
Buckwheat and buttermilk blinis, chopped egg and onion, sevruga, wasabi, & american caviars
Puff pastry stars with creme fraiche, caviar, and fresh chives
Lobster salad puff pastry cups
Lobster salad pinwheels wrapped in smoked salmon
Roasted red peppers over parmesan crisps
Cucumber salmon canapes with salmon roe, dill, and creme fraiche
Asian-inspired tuna tartare towers with seaweed salad and homemade potato chips


I’ve just made all of it. New Year’s Resolution: invest in yourself.


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  1. My anchor:

    Bay scallops dusted with breadcrumbs and fresh parsley and breadcrumbs, broiled to perfection in garlic butter.

    (Yes, the soft-boiled eggs have their place. But not tonight.)

    Rice pilaf, mesculin salad with grape tomatoes, showflake rolls.

    King Estate Oregon Pinot Gris (Went there for a seven-course wine-dinner a few years back… great Pinot Noir, by the way).

    Tiramasu for dessert with coffee "and"… champagne chilling.

    Not as diverse a portfolio as investments go, but it will ring in the New Year just fine for us.

    Enjoy! At midnight EDT, all gathered at our house will toast the moon. Should anyone else like to join us, our gaze will be focused in the same place from wherever we are and whatever meal we just savored.

    Happy New Year, Stephanie and your Blogosphere!

  2. That's tiramisu, not tiramasu. I'm a prick, I know…but hey, if your epicurian side shines that brightly, I'm thinking you could at least spell it right. No?
    I really should've been a copy editor.

  3. That's tiramisu, not tiramasu. I'm a prick, I know…but hey, if your epicurian side shines that brightly, I'm thinking you could at least spell it right. No?

    New Year's resolution: stop copy-edition Stephanie's blog.

  4. Robotnik,

    You won't believe this, but I did have second thoughts about posting before spellcheck just in case you were watching! Keep on editing/editioning and Happy New Year!

  5. I'm just being a smart-arse. Dear Ms. K…I wonder why my post showed up twice; I had stopped the browser before the post went through, in order to edit…but it looks like it grabbed it anyway. Strange.

  6. Pix observations: Nice place ya got there, gas heat in the kitchen rules, like the bar area, wood floors, William Hill SB?, beautiful people-beautiful food, good time had by all, you look mahvelous, say hi to 'K' for me.

  7. I made an obscene amount of apps, then we single girls celebrated at Kelly's pad. Resolutions were spilled with too much champagne, then cake to celebrate Jennifer's New Year's Eve birth. We stopped by Turks & Frogs to wish them a good new year, then off to dance at Pink Elephant. The crowd began to thin at 5:30 am. We headed off to an after hours Italian restaurant for gnocci, calamari, penne, and buffalo mozz… and more champagne. I hit the sheets at 8:30 am, falling asleep to Eddie Murphy, "Merry New Year."

  8. That is a beautiful group of friends, including you :-)

    Hope you all have only the best things happen in 2005!

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