is all about the truffle sandwiches and Tuscan wine. You see the postcards of dick. Not see Dick and Jane at the David. I’m talking dick. Postcards of all the penis in Florence. Naked statues get photographed. And people wonder where penis envy began? The source: Florencia. Now have a gelato, and get over it. Tomorrow, I’m off to Sienna for 1 day and a night.

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  1. Stephanie,

    Just wanted to say thank you for your photography – you have amazing talent. Though they are all stunning, the picture that compelled me to write is the one that captured a snapshot of the essence of a random moment in Tuscany, the men on the bench and the life surrounding them. Beautiful.

  2. Let me be the first to admit, I love your pictures and I wish I was there with you. I would love to run from shot to shot just to see it in person and then savor the pictures forever. If I could, I would be on the next flight to meet you at your next stop on your Italian adventure.

  3. Do you, when you take pictures of strangers, ask for permission after or before or ever? Do people ever ask you to NOT take a picture of them? Cause I'm trying to learn how to do this, inspired by your great photographs, and I love the candid shots you sometimes get. I'd like to try this stuff myself, but am not sure of the rules.

  4. did they make a movie out of Bentov and Vanunu? it wouldn't be an eastwood spaghetti western but the GG brothers make'm too

  5. I just happened to stumble across here at the right time. What luck. Siena is my favourite city in the world. Hope you find the good bars, hidden in the darkened alleyways.

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