blind date

Last night I went on a blind date. We’d chatted online but never met in person until last night. Needless to say, it was the best blind date I’ve ever been subjected to. What an adorable woman. Mae and I have been speaking for months via emails and instant messages. I’ve copy / pasted more than my fair share of boy emails and sent them to Mae for advice, laughs, and approval. When a man didn’t stick around long enough to even put me in a cab, I consulted Mae. “No. No. No. We’ll have none of that. A man should hold a woman with two hands.”
“Two hands?”
“Yes, that’s right, two hands. You don’t walk around the house carrying the good china with one hand, haphazardly. A woman needs to be treated like fine china. Two hands. NEXT.”
She’s brilliant. I mean, don’t the glasses say it all?

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  1. Gush gush Stephanie! You are more dynamic and even more gorgeous in person. It is an honor to know you and learn more about you. Guys, handle with care. I mean it.

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