I don’t like talking to atheists before I go to bed. Atheists are dangerous because they take a stand not to believe. Agnostics coast. They abstain and tip 13%. Believers and non-belivers take a stance. They fold their arms, dig their feet in, and abide by rules. Atheists and believers have faith; they choose to believe something one way or another without proof. It’s the agnostics you’ve got to worry about. Those charlie browns have no faith. Agnostics play it safe and belong at home under the covers. Atheists, though, worry me. I picture them in a storm, ripping off their shirts, screaming for the world to swallow them whole. Who are they screaming to?

I know I’m going to have nightmares. I won’t be dreaming of red devils or split tails… it’s nothing like that. It’s more, the discussion of only believing in god when you’re in pain. I don’t want to be reminded of fetal position, of crying out for help, before I sleep. It makes me antsy and nervous. I’m biting my nails and the inside of my mouth. I’m pacing. Don’t do that. Can you save it for coffee next time? I think I believe in god. And I don’t think it matters if I do or not. I behave the same way either way… except maybe believing in god makes pain easier to take. You’ve got someone pulling for you, something there in the middle of the night when you’re alone and worried about your life. Sometimes my path feels narrow and lonesome; so let me think what I want. It might only help me through a night, but it’s something.



  1. wow, i didn't know we were dangerous. i thought we were regular people- some of us are even GOOD people, imagine that.

  2. At the core of agnosticism is intellectual honesty. Nobody has justifiable knowledge of whether or not a god or gods exist. Faith is only truth in the extreme relativist sense. In general, I'm comfortable with relativism, but still believe in the existence of truths (if not Truths) that are empirically well-grounded or otherwise not so subject to the vagaries of interpretation as religious issues are.

    I swing between thinking of myself as an agnostic or an atheist, depending on how confrontational I'm feeling. Given the terrible consequences of having George W. Bush as president, of 9/11, the last couple years or so of the Israel/Palestine conflict, and numerous other examples of the dangers of religious extremism, I've been solidy in the atheist camp for most of the last 4 years or so.

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