A few months ago I realize I’m not reading enough real books. Self help, guides to New York, photography, and cooking books don’t count. I needed analysis flexing, to curl a heavy book. After careful consideration I chose Middleseex. Friends (all my lovely offline friends) chanted they were in. I run into Dahl, who tells me she loves the Middleseex idea she saw on my site. No one has book clubs anymore. Great. The more the merrier. I even spoke to Ari about joining forces with the blogging book babes (cause, hey, I think I’m a blogging babe). Apparently not. Apparently, I’ve not only been excluded and rejected from Columbia University Sororities, but years later, I’m excluded from a book club of bloggers. Could I be more pathetic?

And will my offline friends ever want to brunch it out with Middleseex? I’m pathetically hopeful.



  1. cookie–this makes me laugh. you do try so hard to get us all together. I barely have time for a wax, let alone an hour to sit with a group of girls, some of which I don't know, to talk about a book that I definitely didn't read. Oh–in other news–I loved your "I want" post. we can do 212 anytime. in fact, I think we should plan for june 12.

  2. I've been meaning to read that since NPR did a review of it last summer (it had to have been last summer b/c I was still in NOLA)… send me an email, we can start our own blogger gal book club… I can bring in a few other erudite ladies.

  3. you are so not pathetic. if i lived in nyc, i would bring offer up my book club skills. *sigh

  4. Never mind, kid. Ari's bookclub was two boobs shy of a load, according to the Fish Who Seeks Bicycles. You woulda' raised the, uh, curve to impossible heights.

  5. stephanie, i'm sorry, but we just organized this as a small group of friends (who happen to all blog).

    yours seemed really big and organized (and by the looks of it from the photos it was), so we didn't want to intrude since we knew it was more of an excuse for all of us to hang out than anything else.

    and we assumed that since you had your own, you wouldn't want to come to ours.

    sorry if you got offended.

  6. Lord, are we still stuck in fifth grade when Aryan hello-kitty bathed Susie won't play handball with us? Your writing surpasses those *excuse my language* blogbrats any day. You dont need them for a book club – start your own with people who arent so caught up in their own blogosphere. Someone should get their heads out of those velveety coconut pies and remind them they're just BLOGGERS, not f'in MSG rockstars.

  7. Blogbrats? Oh…Randomtica… you ought to wear your petty jealousy a few shades lighter, after all, it is spring.

    And Stephanie, sorry that you felt excluded, not the intent. We talked of it so long ago and you mentioned your group, I thought you had done it ages ago… next time.

  8. Ah, I take back my harsh words as I didnt know the full story and now I see it was all just a miscommunication. Sometimes I just get too heated and comment without thinking [::tap on the wrist::]. I apologize.

    Stephanie, I hope you get the book club off the ground – I'd love to join.

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