13 going on 30

Everything about the sneak preview of “13 going on 30” was just that—sneaky.  It was raining, and I looked too fabulous to stand in it, so I cut the line. Like, duh.  Michelle was running on filippina time—gorgeous, but late. So, Smelly and I had to procure a seat for her since the admittance process to the screening was hardcore.  Yellow passes collected, green tickets administered.  Very grade school.  We covertly smuggled in the Philippine goods: enter Michelle. 

The girls laugh at my suggestion of tissues. 
“Oh no, not me, I’m way too tough for that crap.” 
“God you really think we’ll need tissues for this?  I mean, it’s Sony not Hallmark.”
Yeah, whatever, I got some tissues.

In the land of Scratch & Sniff, “13 going on 30” is definitely watermelon.  It’s about that boy, the chubby nice one who was just a friend despite all his romantic attempts. He’s the one who, now, when men don’t call or stay out later than promised, you think of fondly as you hug your pillow.  Through “13 going on 30” ran a thread of regret; it was pink and satin and perfect.  Regret isn’t always a catalyst for change.  The movie’s theme was more about growing up and learning to fix your mistakes, rather than stewing in the what ifs and what could’ve beens of regret.   

As I watched it, I wondered when it would be released on DVD.  I had to own it.  Now.  “13 going on 30” will make you crave cookies and milk, crawling into your parents’ bed, sleepover parties, and watermelon gum.  It goes beyond #44 lipgloss, E.G. Smith socks, rubber bracelets, Z. Cavaricci pants, and lace leggings with Keds.  The movie is a fuzzy polka dotted heart, which reminds you of the long nights spent wishing you were older.  Upon watching it now, you’ll long for roller-skating dates, gobstoppers, Punky Brewster & Silver Spoons, Garbage Pail Kids, florescent tops, rhinestone denim jackets, and young sweet love.  The kind where holding hands and kissing was a really big deal—and it makes you realize it still should be.   

Tissues, you ask.  Like, oh my God, duh!

13 going on 30


  1. I have to admit, I tried to sound like a tough cookie, but I totally caved! This review rocks and so do you chica. Loved how you looked ultra fabulous despite the crappy weather. Until the next chick flick…

  2. S —

    The cultural references are a little after my prime time (June Cleaver was Everyone's Mom then), but I do remember the feelings. Nicely done.

  3. uhh, what's #44 lipgloss? I guess I'm just too masculine for this. Hrm.

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