appease me please

dog lovePicture 19Dog love

Hair in a bun, big tee shirt, sweats. Bundled beneath white down, ready to read, “Bird by Bird” resting open on my chest. My little bully comes along, decides he’d like to be my necklace. Pushes the book closed with his paw, swift as wind he’s in my face, his warm pink belly on my breasts, his tongue lodged in my nose. My Linus is a bully and perhaps acted out exactly what most women feel when her significant other is in “his zone.’ Look at me, adore me–hello, I’m here ya know. I used to be a relationship bully. Now with Linus, there’s only room for one of us. I give him a bone that smells like salt tastes. He moves down to my side; the book is now back into play. Game in.

I wonder, what can a man do to appease a woman in the same way?

Linus Kiss


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