hair of the dog potluck brunch: what would you bring?

Potluck is just another way of saying “Lazy Hostess,” and I’m fine with that. Actually, that’s not entirely true when you consider the dishes to be done, recovery drink recipes to be consulted, cleaning your home, attempting some form of coordination or theme, but you know what? I still don’t care. I love people and filling our home with stories and faces. I love the possibility in it, the way we can become closer as friends. In fact, it shouldn’t just be a potluck food party, but a potluck person party. As in, bring your favorite dish and a favorite friend. But I guess that’s basically what teens do before the police turn up. Still, I love making new friends and finding new recipes to steal and claim as my own. I also get to hear people talk about the bella slow cooker review they read without reading it and that pleases me. In that spirit, I’ve decided, quite last minute, to throw a potluck brunch. And miracle of miracles, Phil’s actually on board. That is to say, he’s “Fine with it. Just don’t involve me with any of it.” Baby steps, people.

Now, in last-minute fashion, do you have a preference in invitation before I email them off? I had considered throwing an “After The Throw-up Party” on New Year’s Day, or the “Un-light Our Tree While We Get You Lit Party,” but neither really rolled off the New Year tongue. So Hair Of The Dog seemed to trump the Hangover Cure Party because really, there are enough “cure” parties, and who wants to start the year off with a cliche?

Also, I plan to select the “potluck option”, where people, when RSVP’ing, will select from the potluck menu what they will be bringing (dessert, salad, chili or stew, etc.) so we don’t end up with leafy greens and only leafy greens—much to the chagrin of Dr. Oz.


Option #1 Retro


Option #2 Orange Luck

I drew inspiration from various sources on the web. Where, exactly, I couldn’t say, due to the holiday brain I’ve got goin’ on (a cousin to Pregnancy Brain, but sans hormones and tenderness). So I leave you with this flickr inspiration of mine.



  1. I like the first one, except that it kind of looks like the dogs are crapping out the “twenty” and “eleven” :p

  2. Option #1 all the way – option #2 seems discordant with the snarky language (which I like)

  3. You are a clever one. If only I lived in Texas, I’d drive hours to attend one of your parties. If I were coming, I’d bring a pineapple upside-down cake because pineapples are totally luck related, right?

  4. Since we have a bulldog and I love the printing color scheme — the first one gets my vote!

  5. Number one is adorable. Number two is kinda forgettable and looks like the cover of Ladies Home Journal in June.

  6. I say you make more lasagne and film the process this time (I suggest this selfishly, of course).
    Meatballs. Everyone always eats a few because it’s the anti-carb in their minds (despite the breadcrumbs). So that’s my go-to when invited to a potluck. Balls. It’s why I vote for the first one. Doggie balls, New Year’s Balls… they just go together like ball and gag.

  7. You should get some of those hangover packets they sell at pharmacies and hand them out as party favors.

    Love your blog, by the way.

    1. Author

      Thanks, but lady, there will be no party favors. I am not that Stepford when it comes to a last minute gathering. Though, I totally appreciate the suggestion. I love all these ideas!

  8. Number 1. As for potluck brunch ideas… Grits. I hope someone is bringing hot cheesy grits. You’re in the South now. You cannot just serve up bagels and lox. I hope you have warming trays to keep everyone’s dishes, well, warm. Otherwise, everything will be blah. Another idea: an oatmeal station! Put oatmeal in your crockpot and put a fixin’s bar of toppings. Brown sugar, berries, nuts, apples and cinnamon, granola, brulee’d bananas (good for a hangover).

  9. I assume you’re serving breakfast juices, and that’s why you included the citrus? But what, oh what, about the bloody Mary? (I still vote Number 2)

  10. I choose the second one. Also, what about displaying a dipping station? I am not always a fan, but Sandra Lee from the Food Network has herself some presentation skillz. She hollowed out veggies and created different levels by positioning them on martini glasses turned up-side-down.

    Purple cabbage, ruffled leaves + hollowed out
    Red and green bell peppers, square bottoms
    Radicchio, ruffled leaves + hollowed out
    Green cabbage, ruffled leaves. hollowed out

    Also bagel chips for a salmon dip, very “brunchy”

  11. NUMBER 2.

    And I’d want people to bring things that had to soak overnight. After all, we’re all soaking up alcohol, so the least anyone can do is bring bread puddings and complicated Rose Levy Beranbaum desserts.

  12. Number 2. Absolutely sets more of a tone for the types of gatherings YOU throw. Number 1 looks like a “guy party.”

  13. What about egg rolls ,nachos, mini pizza, mini hot dogs, or tacos? That’s what I’d hope to see at a New Year’s Day potluck brunch. What will you be contributing as the hostess?

  14. Ooooh! I so love planning potlucks! If I were invited, ahem, I’d bring a lox bagel and egg strata. Almost a custard of comfort.

  15. Do you plan to have any games or a resolution tree? I’d love to hear if any of your readers have any ideas for what to DO at a potluck party, aside from watching a bowl game. Like some version of charades or where everyone writes a resolution and it becomes a drinking game / boxes for football betting, when someone says they want to lose weight or work out more. I love these types of games, and even if no one plays, it’s a fun conversation starter.

  16. #2 for sure. Piping hot caramel rolls and/or ginger pancakes with lemon sauce and cream cheese are my darlings’ favorites.

  17. Definitely the first one. The second reminds me of Real Simple Magazine for some reason. And now I’m hungry for potluck food…

  18. #1 definitely. #2 is pretty, but better suited to a more formal occasion. Doesn’t jive with the fun language you are using.

    I don’t consider potluck “lazy” at all! We do it a lot and it’s always a lot of fun to enjoy a variety of dishes from different cooks.

  19. I love your bright new beginnings color scheme… a fresh juicy start. Love it! You are so inspiring, even if I do just sit on my ass and watch.

  20. Ummm….for a hair of the dog party, definetly the first one :) I too, would probably bring something ‘eggy’ a quiche of some kind. And maybe since it’s Texas….some tamales and hot sauce.

  21. Hey, I didnt know where to post this: How is your husband with all those serious heart issues that you used to mention? Did they all go away? And your son? It seemed he had a serious condition – encephalitis? How goes it with them?

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