I’m better at dating people I don’t really like. As soon as I like someone, I become some girl I don’t even know, one who suddenly likes pink and prefers ruffles to contemporary clean lines. I wonder if those that drive us crazy, who we immediately take a strong liking to, are somehow wrong for us—based on that feeling alone. Maybe that intense, “Oh my god, he’s so great. This could be it” feeling is a warning, a yellow Dangerous Curves Ahead sign. There’s something that wasn’t worked out in childhood, or you pick up on some familiar feeling and latch onto it, exclaiming, “I feel like I’ve known you for years.” And we analyze that feeling to be a sign, a good sign, instead of a red Stop. Familiarity breeds unhealthy dependencies; sometimes, it’s just pathologic. It’s what you know, and it hasn’t been working out so well for you; yet you keep choosing it. It’s not like being stuck with brittle nails; we do have some choice as to who we love. Still, you swoon and consume too much of your conversations with your interesting friends talking about some, in the long run, uninteresting guy who will probably be gone in a week. Realistically, that happens much more often than not. Yield. Take it in stride; go do something interesting, put on the clean lines, and leave the pink for being tickled in the bedroom. Slippery When Wet. Rarrww.



  1. Well, I actually "accidentally" stumbled across this website in search for some compelling literature to get me started on a Greek Tragedy articulation, however, this is also compelling, in a different sort of way. You seem to really analyze the holy crap out of everything (as most women tend to do), you keep doing that and all you'll find yourself is lonely. Another thing on lonliness, we all need to be lonely every once in a while, not forever of course, but it keeps us bucking out in the wild, close to our nature (The cavemen we really are).
    There does come a time when those pink ticklish feelings may be distinguished as "love", and not "this could be it", but "this IS it". Only then will you know you're stuck. Of course this has to be the average feeling among the entire relationship, everytime I meet a girl who's head over heels I fall out of love, or maybe that was lust, I always get those things confused. It just seems to me when you don't have to try to keep the relationship together, it just seems to work out. Well whatever, you get the point.

    One more thing before I sign off, this Greek Tragedy: Your Life. It actually fits the description, however, if you were really Greek, that girl who broke your nose would have been in a wheel chair… Hmm.. Smells fishy.

  2. Woah! I was thinking of the proverb "Familiarity breeds contempt" just as I reached "Familiarity breeds unhealthy differences". You're too clever. You read my mind long before I've even read your blog entry. ;-)

  3. You know Beaner, I also accidently happened to stumble across this site in search of something else. That was a few days ago and I'm finding myself visiting here at least once a day, but then again, I'm a blogslut. Please take no offense as I blow a massive hole in your theory about women over analyzing…. I was once married to a man who over analyzed everything, including my eyebrow tweezings. Funny thing is, his friends were exactly the same way, and the highpoint of their lives was to get together once a week to over analyze each other over a few brewski's! I also love your bucking wild-close to nature-caveman theory, it reminds me of something my ex-husband would say. You're not him, are you?

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