red lipstick for valentine’s day

Mac Chili Lipstick

There is a new love in my life. Actually, there are a few. I have outrageous updates to share, none of which make me feel particularly loving, particularly toward myself. Shameful moments. As I write these in my journal (and ready them for posting), please bear with me. Now, onward, to the latest makeup loves of my life.

Mac Chili Lipstick
For starters, I’ve been searching for an app that keeps a list of all my makeup colors, so when I’m out and about, at Sephora or Mac, I can quickly access the foundation color I wear, in case I need a refill. I like to know what I have in my drawers. I found one app, Glamzy, which allows me to take a photograph of a look, then label exactly what I was wearing that day, in case I ever want to recreate it. I can even email the look and photos to a friend (my sister and mother get these emails from me often). Below is an example:

Mac Chili Lipstick

Brows: Charcoal Brown Mac Eyeshadow with “Petite Arch” Anastasia brow stencil
Highlight: Soft & Gentle by Mac
Eyelid: Woodwinked by Mac
Crease: Brown Script by Mac
Brow Bone: All That Glitters by Mac
Liner: Lord It Up by Mac
Mascara: Maybeline The Falsies in Black Drama
Blush: Warm Soul by Mac
Liner: Kiss Me Quick Prolongwear Mac
Lipstick: Chili by Mac

As a total aside, I realize I’ve been totally missing in action, which will be explained (I’m mortified) in an upcoming post. Everyone is healthy and healing–I’m just a tad bit deranged and a bit depressed. See, while I have on makeup, I’m also wearing flannel pants, Phil’s sweater, and a nightgown. All about the layered mess of me.

Heading to Florida to visit my mother this coming Sunday, off for a week with the kids! “The warm weather will perk up your spirits,” is a stretch. The truth is, I really don’t mind the cold at all. I prefer it to the heat and I despise the sun, so there’s that.



  1. I love the red. It’s very well done/not at all ‘too much’. Sadly, I am 40 now and suddenly feel like a clown with this color. So weird since I used to have more lippy colors than anyone I knew! Ugh. Tired of my sandy pink beige routine but oh well.

    Uh oh.. car accident or something? I am just glad everyone is ok and healthy as you said whatever happened. Enjoy the time away. I am glad you wrote this I thought just yesterday if I somehow unsubscribed and didn’t get any updates anymore. I was wondering how you guys were doing with the crazy blizzard! I envy your snow situation since my kids have yet to see snow.

  2. Looks good… I love the makeup posts. In fact, because of you, I found L’Oreal Lumi Magic and I love it!!! I am going to check out the Glamzy app. I recently downloaded Vogue Knitting to keep track of yarns and fibers I have on my phone, and love the idea of doing the same with makeup.

  3. Random thoughts: Keep on keeping on. You look fetching. I’m so there with you re liking the cold and despising the sun would rather shiver than suffer humidity any day.

  4. You always look very pretty.Especially your red lipstick brings the love feeling. Let us think about we should love our family.

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