fredericksburg “best of”

We are in Fredericksburg. Any suggestions?



  1. It's a beautiful day for Enchanted Rock of course. After that head to Lincoln St. wine bar a block off the main drag. I think theres a new wine bar called Cuvee also but havent been there yet. Enjoy!

  2. The Willow City Loop just a few minutes North. And I think a cool store called 'Red' or something.

  3. Oh- on the main street there is a scrapbook store! Damn, what's it called? Just ask a local and they will tell you. Something with 'yesterday' in it I think! They also have a little chocolate shop on the main street there too.
    I'll ask my husband.

    Have fun there! It's a beautiful day to go. You're close to
    Enchanted Rock, too. If it's just you and Phil (and the beans are home with a sitter) maybe check that out too. It's amazing.

  4. why???? suggestion: get back to austin ASAP. except there is this cute wine bar on a corner "downtown." i'm sure there's not more than one. good wine/cheese/fruit.

  5. The Peach Tree tea room! I have all of the former owner, Cynthia Collins, cookbooks. Ownership has changed but last time I was there it seemed the same as always. They also sell La Chamba black clay cookware, which Cynthia cooks in and I'm starting to collect it. Ask around, it's about a block off the main path.

  6. Try the peachbutter jam (or whichever fruit is in season). Last time I was there it was excellent. Enjoy the small shops and German food/ beer. I love going out there to ride mainly, wish I had more to recommend!

  7. My friend lives in Fredericksburg and loves a little place called "The Nest", supposed to be amazing food. Chef was written up in NY Times recently.

  8. Fredericksburg Where???
    Fredericksburg, VA
    Fredericksburg, IN
    Fredericksburg, IA
    Fredericksburg, MO
    Fredericksburg, OH
    Fredericksburg, PA
    Fredericksburg, TX
    Fredericksburg, CA
    Fredericksburg, ON, Canada

    Can you be a wee bit more specific?

  9. Haven't been since December 2001. My husband really enjoyed Nimitz Museum. I was 13 weeks pregnant and MISERABLE with all day sickness, so do remember much besides feeling terrible. We stayed at a B&B called the De Forge Place. I remember it being nice and breakfast large and tasty.

  10. Torre di Pietra. Taste the Red Flirt and the Dirty Girl for obvious reasons. Cheers!

  11. If you're in Frederickburg, TX, then go to the Herb Farm. On your way back be sure to stop by any of the many wineries/vineyards. Willow City Loop is a must if the bluebonnets are in bloom.

  12. hit up marble falls on your way back!
    bluebonnet cafe is the best for breakfast.

  13. German Food at Friedhelms.

    Wine, cheese, dessert at Lincoln Street Bar.

  14. Been thinking about taking a trip there too, though it's a bit farther from Dallas. Any favorite places from your trip?

    My favorite Fredricksburg memory is going there as a kid and stopping at one of the road-side peach stands. They were making peach smoothies there and they were probably the best thing I'd ever tasted. Basically just Blue Bell vanilla plus frozen peaches and a little sugar. That's what summer tastes like to me.

  15. I am sure that you have departed from Fredericksburg by now, but next time you are there you should try the Rather Sweet Bakery. Rebecca Rather is a wonderful pastery chef. I have her cookbook – her desserts are beautiful and deliciuos.

    Also, try The Nest. It is a small restaurant in an old house. The chef graduated from the CIA and formerly worked in NY or Chicago and then came back to TX where he was originally from. The menu changes regularly and the food is always very good.

  16. What is the name of the salsa tasting store – and so much more – Rustling Rob's? Rustling Bob's? I could live in this store. Free tastes of everything from fudge to sauces to salsas to butters – it is the to die for store for foodies. Adore it, adore it, adore it. The day after Thanksgiving, driving in from Enchanted Rock – one of our favorite places in the whole world, camped there more times that we can count, our children have fallen in love there, have fallen on rocks, have climbed rocks while I close my eyes, eaten a million marshmellows…. – whatever, Fredricksburg, iconic. Also, the local movie theatre is just cute. Love the town square at Christmas too. I like to shop at Linens and More for quilts and Henfeathers. Also, the Charles Beckendorf Gallery. Basically, if we could make a living there, we'd move there.

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