Imperfect Jack

I heard someone today say that wasted creativity isn’t benign. That when we don’t flex our creative muscles, not only do they atrophy, but it metastasizes into shame. Into hopelessness. Into unworthiness. It made me realize that I needed to up and blog pronto. Holy shit. Isn’t it crazy that we can totally know something, but until we hear it in a certain way, it has no impact on us?

As a leader in the weight loss industry, I’m constantly coming up with creative ways to impact people. To create a lasting impression, to share something that inspires and motivates. So when I hear little nuggets that make me sit upright, I damn well sure write them down. YES! I literally had to just now dart into a cafe just to capture this information. Really, I wish I had a paintbrush. I’d paint a quick something, of this water bottle in front of me. Something! Oh my goodness, what has been stopping me?!

Fear of imperfection. That’s what perfectionists are anyway, right? Just big fear babies. Fear of failing, fear of something being imperfect, fear of someone finding a spelling error, so instead, we do jack. Well, I’m setting a creative goal for myself. The goal of Imperfect.

Guys, screw it. I’m committing. Right now. To you. Today is Monday. I’m going to post every single day this week. From today until next Monday. No matter how ugly. No matter how irrelevant. Shit is going up, unfiltered, without care for spelling or typos or shit grammar or my very potty mouth thinking. FUCK IT.

Being in the corporate world has programmed me to mind my manners and play an appropriate role. And that’s fine, but it shouldn’t spill over into my writing life, my blog world, right? I mean THIS is also who I am.

I am irreverent. I forgot that shit about myself. I need to let my ugly out somewhere. So *here* is now the where. Brace for impact.



  1. Welcome back! Glad to see you got the kick that got you into gear. Don’t we all need one of those!
    Keep going and in turn you will see that effort show up in other parts of your life.

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