When Calls the Heart

Watching When Calls the Heart makes me want to wear an apron and bake pie. Apple pies. Pot pies. Mud pies. It makes me long to fill bellies, to make a hearty soup to nourish—ladled into bowls, greeted by thankful, hungry eyes. The show actually shifts my priorities and lifts my mood, focusing on what matters most: the heart of things.

My favorite soup book, The Best Soups of the World, offers everything from smooth vegetable soups, bisque and stews to seafood soups, chunky legume soups, even egg soups. I also love that the heat of a bowl of soup sends a signal to my brain that I’m being fed. There’s an exhale that follows. I can relax now that I’m nourishing my body.

Soup paired with When Calls the Heart and I’m the total package of calm and cozy. I just looked and Season 3 is finally available! Is it Lifetime Made For TV material? Close. Hallmark Channel. No denying it. Still, you’ll see what I mean when you watch an episode or two. If you and your kiddos are looking for a show that slows life down for the savoring, this is it.

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