Netflix Abroad

There’s a lot of down time when you’re traveling. A lot of waiting. The kids have already read the Diary of Anne Frank, homework I assigned them before our visit to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. They’ve read about Vincent van Gogh. They’ve even demonstrated some of his techniques at home with craypas, in anticipation of our visit to the Van Gogh Museum, also in Amsterdam. It will be an educational trip, certainly, but I also want it to feel magical, to envelope all their senses. And for me, one of my senses is storytelling and the magic of film, the way powerful stories and images can linger and be as true to life as our own experiences.

In anticipation of our trip, I created a Netflix profile with Paris and Amsterdam themed films. What I LOVE about the Netflix app? YOU DON’T NEED WIRELESS ACCESS to watch! These are some of the programs that have made our Paris/Amsterdam watchlist… also, I’m loving Velvet (thanks MOM)!

As a Netflix #StreamTeam member…

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