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I was camping this weekend. It’s a weird thing to see in writing because I don’t associate myself with anything outdoorsy. I don’t particularly like the outdoors, until I’m out in it realizing that I love the outdoors. Like, lately I find myself remarking on things like birds. Noticing the cardinal on my deck, then the bluejay. I’ve never cared or even noticed birds, and now I find myself feeling a happy little pep when I spot one. Like it’s a little private exchange, like receiving a compliment from a stranger.

While camping, I brought very few things, and of the things I brought, there were still things I didn’t use: like socks and underwear and water shoes. My one luxury, if you can call a $20 cream a luxury, was my Beauty of Joseon cream.

I’m obsessed with this cream and can’t believe I haven’t mentioned it before because it feels like a private matter. That is, I love it so much that I somewhat fear that I’m going to drive up the price but letting people in on it. This product will be so in demand, that I’ll have to pay more for it. But, fcuk it. Here it is. This cream is amazing with its rockstar ingredients: Niacinamide for moisture, Sodium Hyaluronate acts as a humectant, Adenosine, for anti-aging, skin-conditioning and Tocopheryl acetate is Vitamin E, an antioxidant… all with anti-inflammatory plant extracts.

The best of the best in beauty.

The texture of this cream is my favorite part. It’s a cross between a cream and a slime! It absorbs completely without leaving that wet tacky feeling on the skin. I love the feel and the smell, which is mild and cucumbery.

After sharing this cream with a friend on the trip, she became obsessed and insisted I post a link to purchase this cream, ASAP. So, my dearest, here you go. xo

Purchased (and re-purchased) with my own money. This is NOT a sponsored post. Post contains affiliate link. All opinions are my own.



  1. I am so on the hunt for a great, moisturizing cream with NO SILICONE, I can’t find one. Silicone and Hyaluronic Acid disagree with my skin. I was very excited to check this cream out but it also has Dimethicone, which is fine for most people, just not my super sensitive skin.

    Thank you for the recommendation though.

  2. Stephanie thank you for sharing this special secret! A must have and so appreciated ❤girl power Thankful you watch out for your girl friends sobwe can be the best versions of ourselves #lovethisslime

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