Holiday Outfits (without the fits)

I need new clothes. Not just for the holidays, because let’s face it, I’m invited nowhere. But the things that fit me now, things I’ve hauled out of the garage, are wildly outdated. Light washed bootcut jeans, tops that are way shorter than the standard lengths now. Also, I’m not 20. So the leather and lace mini has got to go.

When we lived in Texas, everyone had holiday parties. Ugly sweater parties. Even neighbors in our community, people we’d never met, they opened their homes to the neighborhood, inviting one and all inside for holiday cocktails and piano music sing-alongs. There was that sense of community and cheer. Come on in y’all.
Now, there are no parties. There are country club events. House parties no longer exist. I think we need to bring back the open door policy, where we, gasp, invite neighbors over. Oh, to hope. Be the change. This would mean that I would need to host such a party. Food for thought. Meanwhile, dress for the life you want; hello Fa La La La Fashion life.

Holidays on Lace

Ivory Lace, not just for summer! #winterwhite #preppy #holidays

This COLLECTION PENCIL SKIRT IN AUSTRIAN LACE isn’t a holiday skirt. It’s a year-round game changer. I bought the skirt, but I’m pairing it with an ivory top and ivory coat–though would it be a nude heel or a black one?–because I LOVE the luxe look of a monochromatic cream ensemble. Hence…

Ivory & Ivory

Ivory cream coat, bathrobe style, Ralph Lauren WinterIvory trousers, Braided Cashmere. #whiteonwhite #holiday #luxury

Live together in perfect harmony. I bought the Ralph Lauren Wool Cashmere Blend Wrap Coat in one size up, so I can wear bulky sweaters or blazers beneath. Oh, winter whites (ivory and creams) are magical. They remind me of snowfall and marshmallows. You feel clean and cozy all at once.

Braided Cashmere Sweater meet a tailored winter white pant (I like the “Devon” fit) that doesn’t reveal a hint of hail (read: cellulite). Cozy, soft, touchable, pulled together, gorgeous.

make a statement

With all ivory outfit or all black #holiday #bling #sparkle

I love this statement necklace paired with either all black, or all ivory.

A party in my pants

Vineyard Vines Holiday Pants

I’m all about preppy ugly, pretty me. Once upon a life ago, I was at a bar in Florida, where a silver haired man was married to a very fit, very young, blonde. She was wearing plaid pants, and I thought, “One day.” Not about the sugar daddy, but that cute little bod. These Vineyard Vines Holiday Pants are so very Mitzy. They aren’t cheap, but I’d wear them yearly and they would become my new signature style.


Stars & Stripes, Preppy Style for the Holidays #christmasoutfits #holidayoutfits

It feels All American. It’s how I do stars and stripes. This star embroidered sweater also reminds me of my sister’s childhood wallpaper. I love it. And the plaid top is so easy. You throw it on with ANYTHING (a pencil skirt, jeans, untucked with a leather skirt and thigh high suede boots) and you’re on season.

It’s a wrap

Love this Plaid Scrunch Scarf from Appleseed’s. It feels soft and touchable and brightening all at once. Oh, and it’s under $10. You’re welcome.

Scrunched plaid scarf, soft as snow (and shh, under $10)

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'Tis the season of giving up and sucking it in #holidayfashion


  1. I love everything on you, but I would seriously not lose another pound. It’s bordering on detracting from your beauty and aging you – it is possible to be too thin. Maybe not too rich.

  2. Author

    I’m not trying to lose any more weight. And I totally hear you. At a certain age, it’s your ass or your face. I’d rather have the ass. I’m actually trying to gain muscle and lose fat, so I stay at my current weight. I totally agree.

  3. Is this ALL from your fat and no carb diet? JESUS! And you still have your boobs. You look AMAZING (I think you always do, but really)

    1. Author

      Ha! Thanks so much Carrie! And yes, it’s very surprising. This summer I went out with my mom, and she watched me devour a double bacon cheeseburger with mayo, pickles, and a fried oozing egg on top (wrapped in lettuce). “You lose weight eating like this?!” She was in shock. I’m still in shock, to be honest. And the cream in my coffee is the (new) sugar on top!

  4. You always look great, but now you look incredible. Your hard work has paid off and makes me want to make some changes so next year I can pull off the cute holiday outfits!

    1. Author

      Thanks so much Rachel! My goal now is on getting strong, building muscle. Not easy. Though I will say, the easiest part of this low carb journey has been that I haven’t, as I have in the past, seen a deadline when it would end. I can genuinely enjoy my life and choices forever. No rush. If I mess up, again, that was one day. Next. I’m hoping it’s the same with gaining muscle now. And I’m glad I’ve inspired you. We can all use people who shift our focus. Let me know if I can help in any way. xo

  5. I will stand by bootcut until the day I die. Maybe not light wash, and I might dabble in a skinny leg here or there, but boot cut are so much more flattering for most. Plus, skinny pants in winter? You can’t wear cute, flirty shoes through the snow. I belong in San Diego.

    1. Author

      I agree about the shoe problem. I don’t want to wear heels with exposed ankles in the bitter cold. BUT the skinny jean slips neatly into thigh high boots, lady!

  6. You look smoking! I have been reading your blog for a long time and these keto/weight-loss posts have planted a tiny hope that I too can lose the last 10 sticky pounds with changing my diet. My BIG problem – I am vegetarian. I know there is a keto sub-reddit for vegetarians but I would trust your judgement over random strangers. Do you think keto without meat is possible? I can do dairy and eggs but no meat and little fish (though would rather avoid the fish too… I have been a lacto-ovo vegetarian all my life).

    Thank you for any tips you might have!

  7. I love this post! I’ve already purchased the star sweater. I love that you paired it with the plaid button down. I’m just not a button down person. It’s not my look no matter how many times I try one on I feel like I look as though I’m trying to mimic someone else’s style and not my own. But, I do love the plaid just peaking out from this sweater. Maybe I try again… I hope you post more shopping tips. This was a great read!

  8. Your figure is perfect. You can’t do this to a guy at work. You are such a stunner, Klein.

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