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Let’s begin here: I’m all about zoning into our innate talents and strengths. Not only figuring out what they are, but then shaping our life’s purpose to best utilize these skills. Do what brings you joy; follow your natural abilities and work hard to polish these bits of brilliance.

So, when it comes to being a parent, I see it as my job to help identify—and when I think of it, record—my children’s inherent strengths. This involves paying attention, observing your kids, and thinking about it. I’ve written about ways to help go about figuring these strengths out, for yourself and for your kids. I’m not sure how to name the exact strengths or inclinations exhibited in this vignette, but it’s worthy of recording.

You, Little Miss, love to be the boss, and if you could eat attention by the plateful, you would. At school you have something called “Design Thinking,” I think you said. It’s a time allocated to using research to design things. Some kids work together, say, to build a representation of the Golden Gate Bridge or to create a game about the solar system. You created a therapist’s office. You’ve never been to a therapist. That will happen later in life, when someone will blame me for your problems. For now, though, you’ve decided that the doctor is in, and you are she.

You even made me buy you a packet of mints… mints? Why mints? “Because I need to soothe my clients, and mint is very refreshing, a clean start.” From what you tell me, you’ve set up a sign in the corner of your classroom where you see “clients.” Your classmates sign up to visit with you. Where do they sign up? With your secretary. You even recruited Papa to go out and buy you fresh paint, so you could create your own series of Rorschach Tests. You are something else, kid. I love it, and I love you.

Hello, So glad that Abby enjoyed reading to the dog today. She is one awesome kid! Her “Therapy” sessions are going well! She had a “client” today she was telling about how stress and anxiety are different. I loved listening to her!

I’m so happy, Little Miss, that you have a teacher who is so supportive and welcoming of your creativity and verve. And, I’m glad that your school has a reading to dogs program because, let’s face it, you live for all animals. You always have. Remember the rabid raccoon you tried to pet? Had you succeeded, it certainly would’ve been a moment for Mama, one unquestionably worthy of a therapist’s chair.

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  1. This is the cutest thing I’ve read in a while. I have always believed that the world has plenty of talkers, and needs more listeners. Sounds like your daughter may have stumbled on her calling! I’m a therapist myself, and I may steal her mints idea!! (I do serve mint tea, she may want to look into a hot water pitcher for the classroom:).

  2. You know how much fun love that story and, now, I love it in print, too!

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