merlot: the color and taste of fall?

I don’t care if you call it merlot, wine, or burgundy. It’s the color to which I’m gravitating most now that fall has approached. And it’s perfect paired with gray.

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Wine NailsTo start, I’ve never had nails. They’re always in my mouth, and what’s worse is that they’re paper-thin, always splintering on the sides, soft bendy bits. But since my visit to Los Angeles this summer, when Leigha and I chose fun gel manicures, I’m kind of hooked. I’d tried gel manicures in the past, but they ruin your nails, leaving them even more peeling and thin once you remove the gel. And it’s true. This hasn’t changed.  But when the gel manicure is in place, I have nails with a manicure that lasts, chip free, for two full weeks. I’m loving the wine nails with black “french” tips (I don’t have a shot of this). So hot for fall. For those of you who have no idea what a gel manicure is, it’s your real nail, no wraps or fake nails. But the color they add bonds to your nails, making paper thin nails feel strong!

I’m also loving light gray, especially with the wine colors. This week I decided to NOT act my age and embraced this fun new manicure. First, I love the shape. I’m a squoval kind of girl. And it feels very feminine. Admittedly, I feel kind of like a walking Pinterest hand, but I’m okay with that. Mostly.

squoval nails in pale pink, gray and champagne

App I’ve just adapted and am beginning to use: StylebookWine Leather LeggingsShop your closet, stylebook style

New purchases: burgundy leather leggings (below), wine silky blouse (worn in Reunion photo), pointy black flats (not shown but worn almost daily).

Old purchases with a new life: penny loafers. That’s right. Old school Bass shoes. The other day, though, I was passing through a store and I had to stop. Are these? Wait. Wow. Weejuns. Along with those wooden clogs, Weejuns are back. Bring on the tassled loafer.

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North Hills Country Club Reunion


  1. I love the nails!!!

    P.S. Was that a High School reunion? You look like a baby compared to everyone else!

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