Why isn’t it the fashion to hold a tree un-trimming party? Come one and all to our home for the grand undecking festivities. As you unwind with alcohol, come unwind our twinkle lights and undeck our glittered halls. Let’s sweep up the holly.

We Need A Little Christmas (To Be Over)

Sweep up the holly
Haul out the tree before its’ crystal falls again
Fold up the stockings
I may be warping things, but undeck my halls now

For we need a little Christmas
Killed this very minute
Candles out the window
Santa’s ready to see fishnets

Yes, we need a little Christmas
Killed this very minute
Saint Valentine’s here in a hurry
So Santa, love, it’s time to scurry

All that now needs to be undecked…







Oh, and there’s still a sled in the kids’ den. I think the only way to do this, aside from enlisting sucker friends, is to play a Christmas movie in the background. Whistle while you work and all that.

red, white, and plaid christmas


  1. I missed the sleigh thing too…is it…a toy?? Was it a gift for the kids? I’m as clueless as they are! :-|

  2. I love Christmas, ergo hate taking down Christmas decorations. I take mine down New Years Day and like to watch something I’ve watched a million times. This year it was streaming Seinfeld and got through the entire first season un-decorating.

    As much as I love the holidays and all the trimmings, I cannot abide Christmas movies and music in the off season.

  3. Ok, your Christmas decorations are lovely and all, but Lucas is HUGE? When did that happen??!?!

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