give good gift (netflix giveaway)

I‘ve been a brand ambassador for Netflix going on my third year now, and I’m happy to share the love with you guys this holiday season. ‘Cause sharing is caring, except when it’s herpes. Not only will I list 12 reasons to gift Netflix, but I’ll give you a few chances to win a Netflix Gift Card below.

  • Fewer Calories than Fruit Cake

    That's right, watch a cake-load of food porn. My favorites: Chef, The Mind of a Chef, Le Chef and: Chef's Table

  • Sleep Better

    This might sound like a stretch, but I've always wanted to fall asleep listening to my favorite chick flicks, and with Netflix on my phone, I can 'While You Were Sleeping' my way to sleep: Sabrina

  • Watch Anywhere

    By the fire on the big screen or in the kitchen as you wash dishes or fold laundry. It's the modern answer to 'whistle while you work.'

  • Legos Upon Legos

    Legos, Legos, and more Legos. Saturday morning cartoons, solved: Legos

  • Help Your Kids Cheat on Book Reports

    I'm very moral, which is why I'm burying this in the middle of the list. As an English major, I can tell you, I always watched the film adaptation in lieu of reading the book, when available. Ahem: Great Expectations

  • In Someone Else's Shoes

    Open your door to 'Crazy Eyes.' It's perhaps the only time in your life where you'll gladly open your home to convicted felons. Read about my Orange Is The New Black on-set visit

  • You Can Go Back!

    And you can take your kids with you, reliving your favorite shows from the 80s, er, or 90s. Ooh, Gilmore Girls binge. Fraiser, and: The Wonder Years

  • Never Lose Your Place

    'Now, where was I?' is something of the past. If you were watching on TV, then want to pick up where you'd left off in the kitchen, Netflix has you covered. Continue watching.

  • A Teaching Moment

    If your kids have a problem at school, there's an episode for it. Watch it together and use it as a jumping off point to get the conversation started.

  • Sexy as Hell

    Why not gift Netflix with a card attached, listing the shows and films you'll marathon your way through in bed. Surely these two would approve: Frank & Claire

  • No, no, no, You're Not Alone

    Your life is not an R.E.M. song. Remind your friends of this, especially the friend without any romantic prospects, I'm sure she already binges on Netflix, let's face it. So, gift her another year of companionship, keeping up with this one's skirt: Bridget Jones

  • Don't LOL. Snort aloud.

    Gift a whole lot of funny. From stand-up specials to The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt life will be lived in better health, and put one and all in a better mood: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


In exchange for sharing 1 post each month about Netflix programming, I receive a subscription to Netflix. Though I often share more often because I overshare like it's a sport. Opinions, while everyone's got one, are all mine.

Gift of Netflix


  1. I would love to give this gift because I know it is something people would actually use daily!

  2. I’d gift Netflix to anyone who enjoys watching TV or movies. It’s premium entertainment at a budget price.

  3. I’d get it because right now we’re paying a zillion $ a month or so it feels like it for cable and don’t want another bill. but if 6 months free sucks us in we’d probably keep it.

  4. We have netflix and LOVE it. I would be so happy to gift this to my parents. They would be over the moon excited. They only have regular tv, no cable, dish, etc. Would make a wonderful gift.

    Thanks for the chance to win. Julie

  5. I would gift netflix, because who DOESN’T love netflix!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com

  6. Thanks for the chance to win! I would share this with my family… smiling just imagining all of us watching funny shows together!

  7. I’d gift it to my sister because she’s always wanted Netflix and has so many shows she would like to watch!

  8. I would gift Netflix because it is an inexpensive way to watch a large variety of tv shows and movies.

  9. It is a good gift to give because you know it will be put to good use. Can’t go wrong giving Netflix to people who are hard to shop for.

  10. I would gift Netflix to my older sister because I believe everyone needs an account. So many amazing shows and films. She’s missing out on so much! Always something to watch with the family and enjoy! Thanks for the chance!

  11. A great reason to gift Netflix, there is a wide variety of show and movies for everyone’s taste. Plus, they have great original shows and movies! :)

  12. My nieces are hard to buy for and I know they love Netflix streaming, so this would be a perfect gift for them.

  13. I’d get it because all the series I haven’t finished watching the last time I had Netflix. I’d totally love this and so would my 5 kids.

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