A Foodie’s Guide to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Butterbeer. It’s the first thing people say you’ve got to try, even before you’ve arrived. Frozen. Everywhere I’ve searched, there is no one who disputes this. Frozen is the only acceptable answer when asked. What is this butterbeer exactly? As a self-proclaimed foodie, I will share my evolved sense of taste, and let you in on the key secret ingredient I was able to detect. It’s superstar ingredient is cellulite. A 14 oz Butterbeer is 5 Weight Watchers points. Each point is approximately 50 calories, so about 250 calories. Not that I’ve had any regard for calories or points, since they don’t count during the triple jump holiday bump (Thanksgiving, Christmas/Hannukah, New Year’s).

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I know where to eat at Disney, without question. California Grill at the Contemporary Resort. Best view. Best wine list. Best food. Hands down. But where does one find the best vittles in the land of Universal Orlando? It’s where we’ve been for the past week, in Florida, Universal for a few days. And, not only have we been on every single ride they offer (okay, we skipped all the real baby rides, but otherwise, yes, all), but we’ve eaten all of Universal. We visited both parks: Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Two adults, and two completely surprised eight-year-olds. Photos to come…

California Grill Disney


  1. Love that you gave them a surprise trip!

    Not to be a total fan girl, but I checked in a few times this weekend to see your thanksgiving menu/decorations. This is probably weird, but I would love to see your menu for the holiday!

    1. Author

      Okay. Just posted it now. Since it was at my aunt’s home in Florida this year, the menu and decor wasn’t up to me. We had Thanksgiving dinner outside, in my aunt’s backyard, beside her pool. The kids swam as we gorged. Phil opted to sit at the kids’ table.

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