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Camping in the Rain

Camping – Be Prepared!

Once upon a life ago, I wrote a post where I make mention of my Hamptons Playlist, “Camp Hamps.” I documented my weekend in the Hamptons with my (very) single friends. Now, this post with a similar title, takes on a more literal meaning. I’ve also gotten the joke, finally: every single time I go camping, it rains. I’ve baked a black forest cake in a cardboard box, in the rain, and I’ve taught a knot of girls how to start a fire in the rain. I don’t believe in Hell, but if I did, camping would certainly be on the agenda.

Friday Night
Bring your own Dinner
(since we’ll be arriving at different times due to possible traffic) *We ended up ordering in pizza

Friday Night Campfire
Chocolate & Banana Melts
Roasted Bananas

Saturday Breakfast
Breakfast Tacos – add what you like
(eggs, sausage, hash browns, guacamole, cheese, onions, salsa, bell peppers)
Coffee, Milk, Tea & Juice

Saturday Lunch
Bring your own
(There is a deli just down the road)

Saturday Dinner
Spaghetti & Meatballs
Organic Chicken Apple Sausage
Zucchini “Noodles” or “Zoodles”
Garlic Bread
Salad with Cherry Tomato dressing
Fruit Kebabs
Brownies & Milk
Lemonade, Unsweetened Iced Tea

Saturday Campfire

Sunday Breakfast
Sweet Potato Hash (Sweet potatoes, onion, apples)
Coffee, Milk, Tea & Juice


Checkin, sign conduct contract. Help others as they arrive, unloading troop gear first, then personal gear. Once everyone has arrived and unpacked, we’ll review emergency procedures, rules, and duty patrols. For those who arrive early, feel free to explore camp with your girls!
8:30 pm Get Ready For Campfire, get flashlights, dress for weather, hair tied back
9:00 pm (or before) Gathering wood for fire
9:15pm Campfire begins, s’mores, learning new Brownie songs
9:40 pm Friendship Circle Sharing
9:45 pm Lights Out

7:45 am Wake Up, dress, wash up, make bed and tidy room
8:30 am Breakfast, Thanks! (aka, we sing a song to show how grateful we are for the food we’re about to eat)
9:30 am Clean Up – Duty Patrols, Girls wash own dishes!
10:00 am Finish getting ready, apply sunblock, fill water bottles, and dress for a hike!
10:15 am Earn “Hiker” & “Making Games” Badges – Miss Stephanie teaches girls about “Leave No Trace” camping, Nature Scavenger Hunt, Build a Letterbox, Collect Rocks, Portable Snack, Gaga Pit, Human Knot, Silent Birthday Lineup, etc.
12 pm Lunch, walk or drive to deli, eat at picnic tables
1 pm rest hour – Board Games, Learn to play Jacks, Decorating Rocks, Cards -learn “spit”
1:45 pm Earn “Letterboxer” & “Making Friends” Badges Head to the Beach!
2:45 pm Miss Stephanie teaches “The Edible Fire”
3:45 pm Break into Patrols and practice for Skit Night
4:30 pm Back to Cabin for pre-dinner prep, quiet time if necessary, Patrols help with dinner
5:30 pm Dinner, Thanks!, Clean up Patrols
6:45 pm Plant Decorated Rocks
7:00 pm Evening Program of Skits, Outdoor clothes, sit upons, flashlights, gather wood, build campfire
8:30 pm Evening Snacks of s’more pie, banana boats
9:15 pm PJs, Wash Up
9:30 pm Friendship Circle Sharing
9:40 pm Lights Out

7:30 am Wake up, Dressed, pack up, bags in a pile (no loading of cars yet!)
8:00 am Fire builders start one fire – other cooking completed indoors (it’s faster).
8:30 am Breakfast, Thanks!
9:15 am Clean up – Girls wash own dishes, we all pitch in to clean cookware (can use kitchen to help expedite) People are assigned to tasks – Everyone works together to get through clean list.
10:00 am Girls outside with supervision, loading carts with TROOP GEAR FIRST, not personal! Girls not allowed in cabin unless they have to use bathroom. Return rented items (all clean!) NOW, you may pack up your car with personal belongings and go shopping in the Hamptons… or drive home safely:)

Outdoor Dishwashing

Outdoor Dishwashing


  1. Dear Stephanie,
    I just wanted to say I hope you are okay. It seems like a long time since you have posted. I hope you are laying on a beach somewhere. Sincerely, Carol

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