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I’m obsessed with the show “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.” I attended the advance screening and brought Phil as my date. Phil doesn’t like anything. If he says, “It was okay,” it means he wants to spread his seed and make illegit babies with it. After watching the first two episodes of Tina Fey’s newest show, and after hearing from Ellie Kemper (The Office), Jane Krakowski (30 Rock, Ally McBeal) and Tituss Burgess (30 Rock), who were also at the screening, Phil said, “Wow, I’m gonna watch that show. It was actually funny.” Wait, did he say, “Wow”? Highest praises ever. Me, on the other hand, well, I don’t like sitcoms. Eh, I thought. I probably won’t watch it. But, then, at home, likely during a snow day, I gave episode 3 a chance. Then, I couldn’t stop and brought on the Netflix binge. Not only that, I want to use the theme song as a ringtone (won’t get out of your head). I’m obsessed now. I keep re-watching episodes because there are just so many great one-liners! It’s so well-written in that regard. It’s smart and snappy, in a way that it can pass you by. Subtleties you might miss on a first watch, like the image above, that happens so fast! WARNING: It may take you until after episode 3 to love it, as I do now. Happy Netflix binging, especially to fans of 30 Rock who will adore it.

I’m obsessed with the video on bullying my Girl Scout Troop created!
I am so proud of them, and hope to make them feel UNBREAKABLE. Granted, my filming is out of focus, and not all the girls have the same amount of screen time, AND I feel bad that six of the girls in our troop were absent on the day of filming… but it’s the message that matters! We’ve spent months learning about self-esteem and bullying, and it’s not a topic we’ll drop any time soon. Even after learning all this, Abigail still makes mistakes. Might be exclusive instead of inclusive without thinking of how her behavior might impact another child, like playing with two other girls, then asking for a “private talk” with one of them, forcing the other girl to feel excluded. It’s subtle, but the more we discuss it, hopefully the more the messages will sink-in, and it’s never too late to do the right thing! I edited this video in record time, so it’s not perfect, but the message is…

(watch it in HD, touch the ‘wheel cog’ to select HD)

Other streaming movies about bullying to share with your kids (or for you, as some are rated R):

Movies about Bullying
1. Bully
2.The War
3.Billy Elliott
4.The Fat Boy Chronicles
5.Cyber Bully
6.Mean Girls
7.Standing Up
8.The Karate Kid
9.Despues de Lucia (Winner at Cannes but not for your kids, for you!)
10.My Bodyguard (Children of the 80s must remember this!)

Independent films also worth seeing: Finding Kind, Girl Fight, DISconnected

As a Netflix #StreamTeam member, I receive a complimentary subscription to Netflix in exchange for sharing 1 post each month about Netflix movies and TV Shows, though I often share more often because, let’s face it, I own the verb “overshare.” As always, all opinions are mine, without apology.



  1. How amazing is Unbreakable, it swept me off my feet. I started watching it out of desperation because I couldn’t sleep the other night and watched the whole season in 24 hours. I now feel bereft so I’m glad you told me it’s worth a second viewing.

    The video is brilliant. I’m definitely going to teach my son about reporting!

  2. My. These young ladies are just wonderful! Love the video and the message, of course. You just have to stand up to the bullies– with strength and a bit of street smarts.

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