golden globes 2015

Thank you to the always beautiful J.Lo. This year, we thank her stylist, for putting the “boob” in “boob tube.” It looks like a biting pinch shadow. Like an underwire, misplaced. Hey, it’s not a Golden Globes post without mentioning someone’s globes. These are my thoughts, as I have them, as I watch.

[typography font=”Raleway” size=”18″ size_format=”px”]Salma Hayek just got married! Or, found Peggy Sue’s dress in a carry-on bag.[/typography]

I loved Newsroom. It was my all time favorite show. Aaron Sorkin’s writing was brilliant, and witty, to the point where I had to turn on closed captioning, so I wouldn’t miss a word. But, it’s over, that favorite Romantic Comedy of a show. Gone. In its place I’ve already binge-watched my way through all of Downton Abbey SEASON FIVE, including the Christmas Special of Season Five, which haven’t aired in the US yet. Oh, how I adore this show. I’ve taken to now watching Upstairs Downstairs in its place because I’m desperate. What a treat to see our lovely Mrs. Bates, Joanne Froggatt, accepting an award! So elated, so bright.

I love when Oprah gets all teary eyed. Damn, I miss my Oprah Radio. I cancelled my Sirius Radio, now that they dropped her radio show.

Oh, that Jeffrey Tambor, I’ve loved that man since Three’s Company. Transparent, I’ve also binge-watched, and I found the creator’s speech very moving, particularly the bit about authenticity, about the courage of her own parent, her “mapa” (papa to mama) to transition and “come out” and the ultimate message of love, no matter what.

I love the messages of the night about authenticity. I think because it’s the message I want to hear most.

In being authentic, I thought Maggie Gyllenhaal was gonna rock that shit and bring it down fast and dirty. And Hollywood is POLITICS. You want to be known as being easy to work with, no ego. She hints. She says, paraphrasing… A lot of people say there are lots of roles for powerful women, and when I look around this room, I see a lot of women who are sometimes powerful, and sometimes not. Sometimes sexy, sometimes not. Sometimes honorable and sometimes not. And that’s what I see as revolutionary.” I think that took a great pair of globes. Big golden ones. And it was my favorite thing said all night. You might look like a pixie angel sweet kind demure tulip, but you’re a venus flytrap.



  1. I cannot get into the Newsroom as much as I love Jeff Daniels. It seems to have the quality of taking itself incredibly seriously and being very….precious. In typing this, I realize that it reminds me of the Gilmore Girls for those reasons. I know other people like this style, but it is so not my thing. Agreed completely on everything else you said, though.

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