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I don’t like Halloween. Maybe it has to do with the nightmare germ invention of dunking for apples. Or it’s to do with the wretched color orange, not a friend to redheads. Or perhaps it’s just that expected rule that says you have to have fun. I like when fun creeps up on you, when it’s unexpected, when joy finds you. Also, I pretty much don’t like kids.

Individually, sure. Most. But en masse? At the risk of sounding cliche: “Eek!” Especially when no one says thank you or please. However, seeing that I’m still in my 30’s, I find it nearly intolerable to be such a Grinch. I’m not sure why I hadn’t thought of it before, but that ought to be my costume each year, as eager trick-or-treaters ring my unembellished front door. Though this would involve wearing a costume, please no. Everyone in my neighborhood has embraced the holiday spirit, their front lawns festooned with cobwebs and spiked with scarecrows. Growing up, my mother enjoyed taking us trick-or-treating, mostly so she could snoop into the homes of our neighbors. People are curious. “Eek!” My home is barren. Was barren. Enter the Halloween edition of Little Miss Party in a Box, sponsored by Chex cereal.

Halloween Chex Mix

Everything arrived at my door in a box, complete with decor and recipe cards. If you’re as last minute mama as I am, you’ll appreciate how fast you can get this up and ready in your foyer, for when the bell tolls. If it were up to them, we’d likely be offering guests Red Velvet Cake Chex, or Mexican Muddy Buddies. But given that it’s up to me, and I think there’s enough chocolate to go around on Halloween, we’ll be serving up Lemon Buddies, a welcome unexpected flavor.

Believe me, before this box of goodies arrived, I planned on playing the Jewish card, since All Hallows’ Eve or All Saints’ Day is a pagan holiday. A few of my friends, growing up, weren’t allowed to go trick-or-treating. Perhaps it was due to religious beliefs, or perhaps their parents wanted no part of the ordeal. But, seriously, I can’t swing off that branch, not with Christmas jingling around the bend. My stocking name would need to be embroidered, “Hypocrite.”

Here’s what it comes down to: I only have so much energy, and I choose to expend it on Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas. I can’t be bothered with hanging ghosts and making a wreath of black roses. It’s just not happening. Of course my children will want to invite friends in from the cold, so we will, and with that said, I want to make it semi-memorable and festive in the easiest possible way imaginable. And with a party in a box, and with my kids making the Chex mix (already proven to be a big hit in the past), I’m good to go.

Good news, you can be, too. Chex is offering one of my Greek Tragedy readers the same sweet deal, including a $50 Amex Gift Card. Plus, all the goodies in the box, including the BOO dishes. Because I’m so last minute and throw everything together… this giveaway is a quickie!

Alas, I will go trick-or-treating with my children, and I will pass out candy whenever possible, if I’m home. But I’ll be walking around, sipping Witches’ Blood from a plastic cup. Who knew the blood boiling in those witches tapped out at 15% alcohol?

BTW, how cute are these cupcakes my neighbor baked? So clever (and the mummies tasted the best).

A photo from Halloween 2013





  1. My favorite posts are reflections on your life…and also ANY posts, since they are much fewer and far between than in the past

  2. I don’t know what it is about Chex, and Chex creations, that is so alluring but man, those treats look good!

  3. loved seeing how you are celebrating another holiday. You have such great taste and how darling is Phil as a angel!? X

  4. I enjoy reading about what’s going on in your life. I stop by on and off over the years and like to catch up with you.

  5. I miss your thought provoking posts that caused me to ponder my own realities, and more often than not, supplied great writing prompts.

    As you know, I’m not a fan of any holiday, really, but this year am continuing to mellow like fine wine. I am enjoying the changing of the seasons and will make a teeny little effort to have a fun dinner for the lovah when he comes home after a long day. Little smokies wrapped up like mummies and hard boiled eggs, gently cracked and soaked in red food coloring, peeled and the yolks combined with blue food coloring to make green eyed, bloodshot eyeballs!!

    Okay – it’s easier to be corny and silly when the darlings are up and out of the house – I’m going to be a great grandmother some day! (Better be a long time). :)

  6. The Greek Tragedy posts about style are my faves! Love, love, love your wonderful recommendations for clothes, accessories, ‘fumes, makeup, baking, and cooking!!!

  7. I like the blogs that deal honestly with relationship issues. They are very relatable.

  8. I am a huge Halloween fan — I decorate my house, spend time on my costume, and and often attend a few adult Halloween parties. I think part of this is because I usually end up traveling for Thanksgiving, so it is pretty easy to go all out for Halloween and then not again until Christmas. I also use most of my Halloween decorations throughout the fall, turning around pumpkins so the Jack o’ Lantern face isn’t showing, etc.

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