double rainbows

Rainbow Bright

Not a chance in hell. This ain’t the one.

20140726-130638-47198349.jpg20140726-130633-47193628.jpgMother Nature



  1. I’ve looked at these pics for 3 days in a row. They make me smile every time. Thanks for being real. You are an inspiration

  2. You’re fantastic!!! Abigail will treasure not only the memory of this, but the pictures as well!

  3. Ok, so I was a little scared when I saw the first photo with the tutu. I was afraid the Little Miss might never forgive you for taking her out in public dressed as the PG13 version of RainbowBrite. ;) But the final ensembles? Adorable!! Hope you girls had a fantastic and memorable evening.

  4. You two look adorable! Isn’t dressing up for a concert fun? I’d never done it until a few weeks ago when my 65 year old mother suggested costumes for a Lady Gaga concert. The whole night was a blast. Way to make an already fun night a more memorable experience for Abigail!

  5. hi!
    I was a follower…a lot of time ago…
    since you were pregnant…and then the birth…
    then, life change things…and today I find your web address in my list.
    I came back and it’s really a pleasure see you and your children…
    i’m really happy for you!
    kisses from Italy!

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