I’ve always wanted to…

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What’s your “I’ve always wanted to…”? And what’s your “Why Not Today?”

Oh, to see the careful to-do list scrawled on the back of this writing prompt pad. I’m at Target now, as I type this, crossing even this off the to-do list. “Post something for chrissake.” Without spell check, even with it, I am a lousy speller. Sponteneity? No, learn it. Spontinaity? Sponteneaity? Had to resort to spell check: spontaneity. Once I see it there like that, sure, makes sense. WHO CARES? Me, apparently. Onward to buy more sulfate-free shampoo, bigger winter coats, and wine, lots of Pinot Noir from Willamette. The spontaneity will hopefully kick in later.

What’s your “I’ve always wanted to…”? And what’s your “Why Not Today?”



  1. Properly make Julia Child’s coq au vin – boiling bacon and all. The reason I’m not doing it today is because I will have a long day at work and a weekend of busy holiday activities in front of me. But soon – especially in the depths of winter – I hope to get around to it. A classic for a reason.

  2. Funny, my “always wanted to” is also learn how to play guitar. I’ve been fretting about what I will do when my daughter goes off to college and the bf asked me what I have always wanted to do and I said, “learn to play guitar.” So for my bday, I am getting a guitar and then we are signing up for lessons (he plays bass).

    1. Mcatgirl: you made a pun without intention….’fretting’ while talking about playing guitar!

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