nyc foodie experience: atera

I‘m already expecting a food coma. Tonight, at 6pm, in celebration of my 43rd birthday, Phil is taking me to Atera for dinner. I’m getting older, so dinner, logically, is getting earlier. There’s no early bird special, mind you, but it was the only reservation available. Besides, if I’m eating over a dozen main dishes, I’d better start early. “A forager’s breakfast parfait:” a dollop of sheep’s-milk yogurt topped with a disk of frozen crystallized beet, with nuts, freeze-dried pear, jasmine petals, and chamomile. Continuing the theme of found food, a soft-shell crab is presented as an edible beach treasure, surrounded by amaranth grains for sand and brown-butter sauce for seawater. The first of several playful desserts is a “rock,” complete with a dusting of what looks like green moss. It has the texture of a slightly melted Cadbury Creme Egg, with a shell made of crumbled cookies instead of chocolate and filled with refreshing lemon-bergamot sorbet instead of oozing sugar.

Makeup Colors for Fall - Redhead

Now, I need to find something to wear that will coordinate with my new fall makup–think Modern Moo-Moo. Though, after dinner, dark or not, I fully intend to hide my food binge shame behind my new sunnies. I’m pinning a photo of the products used on my Pinterest Bombshell Board.
Tory Burch Sunglasses
Tory Burch Metallic Rimmed Sunglasses

The lenses are somewhat green. And the plastic matches the color of my hair. Love them. Now, only if it would rain (my most favorite weather), so I could wear my new wellies! I love that I can change the bow in them! It’s the little things in life. And for me, that doesn’t mean jumping in puddles; it means bows!
Joules black (with brown) wellies. The bow is changeable!



  1. Happy Birthday, Beautiful! Okay, so spill Re: Wellies – Designer/Where you bought those little darlings!


  2. happy birthday stephanie!

    Regarding the top photo (navy silky robe (?) photo):

    1. what color lipstick is that?

    2. what hair products did you use? shampoo and styling products please.

    and please keep those makeup tutorials comin’ too.

  3. I know you’ve explained it here before, but can you please please please post a tutorial on how you get your hair to look like that (or repost an earlier hair entry)? I wrestle with my ridiculous curls every single day and would love to know how yours wind up looking so awesome.

    1. Author

      Thank you, and yes. I have an updated video I will edit, along with product links. It takes me a long time to do it (the video not the hair), but I will do it this week!

  4. Hi Stephanie!

    Happy birthday and enjoy dinner! Can you pleeeease post where you got those adorable rain boots?

    Thanks so much!

    1. Author

      Yes, I love that I can change up the ribbon, too! Okay, so the boots are from Joules. I bought them online (because it’s a UK brand), and they have free shipping. Plus, if you buy them via Ebates, you get 3% cash back! I went to ebates after signing up and searched their site for Joules then clicked over to that site from their, ensuring that I got my 3% cash back. I so love them. Just wish it would RAIN already!

      I’m actually wearing them this weekend to go to the apple orchard!

  5. Hi Stephanie,

    Happy birthday! I’ve been following your blog for six or seven years ever since I found an article in Taiwan and it said you’re the Carrie Bradshaw in real life. You’ve been inspiring for me and I think you look even more stunning than ever in the first photo.


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