fashion week is coming; I am going

New York Fashion Week, Spring 2014 Collection

Lately I might not know if I’m coming or going, but I know this much: I’m going to Fashion Week, attending a few shows and slipping backstage to check out the makeup and beauty trends. That’s right. I’ll be asking the tough questions. Matte or sheertone blush for fall? Told you, tough. Is it all in the eyes, the supposed windows to the soul, or should we prepare our pretty pouts for… pouting? What I really want to learn is a fail-safe look any of us can pull off at a tailgating party, in harsh sunlight.

If you have any questions you want me to ask, let ’em rip. Otherwise, I plan to ask selfish questions, wanting to know if the artists recommend mineral foundations or liquids, beauty products like moisturizer under or over makeup for a more youthful appearance? I want to see the colors and application. I’ll film some backstage video, and ask the models if they want some brownies. I hear they’re big this fall. The brownies, not the girls.

Also, it might be helpful to consider that the shows this fall (September 5-12) are actually SPRING 2014 Collections, so one must assume to see vibrant pops of color, an escape from the winter doldrums and dilemmas (dominant eyes or lips?). Come spring, everything is dewy with a wash of color, or nude eyes and power cheeks! I hope to be dazzled and surprised. Still, just rolling off summer, I hope to scan at least the audience and ask a few onlookers about the looks they hope to flash this season. Now that we’re on the topic, remotely anyway, which actors on TV have a look that you covet?

I always look forward to fall because I love the prim back-to-school, boarding school look. Navy, hunter green, burgundy. Knee socks are hot… on a woman. How anyone pulls them off, is your guess, not mine. I’m still trying to recall how I brought myself to wear them down Madison Avenue with a short kilt and heels!