When I lived in Boca Raton, Florida, I did what retired people did. I ate blocks of American cheese, wore sneakers at night, and went to the theater…to see movies, for six dollars. Now that I’m in New York, I do none of these things. I’m not sure I’ve gone more than twice since I moved back in July. Either way, I can’t recall what I saw exactly, but I can tell you this.

I often went with my mother, who was down in my area, visiting her mother. We’d slink off to the movies, arm in arm, sunglasses and squints, with food smuggled in from Whole Foods. Of the movies that have stuck with me–aside from One Day with Anne Hathaway (a life-changing movie for me in a way that hasn’t yet changed my life but will somehow)–one keeps playing in my mind, a film I want to share with the ones I love.

If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to know anything more, just the title. I never read reviews before seeing a movie, as I want to go in without expectation. This bit us in the ass when we took Lucas and Abigail, KINDERGARTENERS, to see (ready to cringe and die with me?) … Beasts of the Southern Wild. That film was not for me, nor was it for my kids. And I would’ve known this, had I read a review beforehand. Serves me right.

Here it is, the movie I fell in love with, that touched me and clung to me, days, and months later. Wonderful. And perfect to watch over the holiday season, or once there’s that untouched, slightly depressed, post-holiday status to which you dare not admit. I’ll link to a review, in case you’re nothing like me at all. xo

The Intouchables Film

The Intouchables
French, English Subtitles
Download it, rent it, gift it. Seriously. I’ll say no more. Why haven’t you seen this yet? You’re killing me!



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