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Sweet L Beckett
Lady in Red
Shark Shooter
BW Hat
Luke and; Abagunush



  1. I die at how preppy your kids are. They are absolutely adorable, but just so over-the-top preppy. Like out of an 80’s movie preppy. But so, so, so, so adorable.

    1. Author

      They aren’t always so buttoned up, so fear not. They’re usually covered in paint, in mismatched clothes because I let them choose their own outfits. That anchor sweater vest look was taken just as spring began, when Easter clothes were being sold. Oh, and I believe all little boys should dress as if they’re mini accountants. All about the bow tie. 31 flavors.

      1. My 18 and 19 year old college students have begun adopting the bow tie. I fully support it. I love the anchor sweater, I really do!

      2. You’re absolutely kidding right? Little boys should dress like little boys. He’s going to be teased as a nerd at school ….

  2. Wow. I want your photog skills, and the beans’ wardrobes! The last picture is particularly captivating– it says so much.
    Seriously, can you share where you got any/all of those adorable outfits?

  3. Great looking and very sweet kids. I love that you dress them like children, not mini adults.

    1. I think that stephanie dresses her kids to fulfill some desire of her own and to present herself to the world in a certain way. I think a lot of parents do that. Her daughter looks cute in a bikini and she would not, so there you go.

  4. Awesome photos, thanks for sharing – also, thanks for ignoring the anonymous haters today – they don’t deserve responses from you.

  5. Be careful – Picture #8 from the top could verge on kiddie porn. Just saying – but if you’re okay posting it that’s your business. I’d be worried.

  6. Kiddie porn? Really? You need help! Your kids are precious Stephanie! Loved seeing the pictures! Hope you are getting settled in NY.

    1. No, I don’t need help – just being realistic. I didn’t say it was a bad photo, or that it wasn’t adorable, or that Stephanie’s kids are adorable. It was, however, the first thing that crossed my mind being very sensitive to on-line “too much information” and the dangers that lurk.

      I cringe at the on-line photos my “almost adult” niece and nephews post in bikinis, drinking at parties, etc. That all is “non-refundable.” Once it’s out there it’s out there. Think about that seriously down the line when the “beans” are looking for a job. As I said, if Stephanie had no problem posting, then that’s fine. I was just alarmed.

      1. just do not call it “kiddie porn”, please. it makes something really nasty sound rather harmless.

  7. They are really cute looking kids. You said that they choose what they want to wear though – but does that mean they choose what they want to wear out of the selection of clothes that you chose and bought for them – or do they choose what clothes you buy for them? I only ask as I have a seven year old and his clothes choice is so different. Over here in Germany there is a range of things kids wear but it is common to see something with a dinosaur or a knight, dragons or star wars, ninjago – from the lego range of characters. I dont see any of that stuff on your boy. Does he not like that kind of stuff or rebelling against wearing that stuff or what? Just interested that’s all.

    1. Author

      The clothes in the photos are not the clothes they wear to school to stain. They’re weekend clothes, out for dinner clothes, visiting family clothes. We choose those clothes together. The clothes they wear to camp and to school, basically, yes, dinosaur shirts and jersey shorts from Target… whatever is most comfortable, where I won’t mind if they come home covered in red paint. Does that make it more clear? As for the bow tie and sweater vests… they come out for the holiday season.

  8. Great idea to lift your spirits and life! Taking such amazing pics of your babies — no longer babies! They are spirited little you and Phils.

    Awesome shots!!!

  9. Stephanie, your children are beautiful and you take fantastic pictures. So curious why anyone feels the need to say anything negative.

    1. I meant to click the “notify me of follow-up comments” so maybe you could add this to my earlier comment!

  10. Splendiforous! Truly. There’s nothing to be negative about when looking at two beautiful, healthy, loved-to-pieces children. God bless. These are the good old days.

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