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I can’t believe I haven’t updated this online journal with all my STUFF. Because as much as I try to shop for others, who can ignore a “FREE Overnight Shipping” promise from MAC Cosmetics? “Not I,” said the fox.

I’ve been playing with new colors, creating my own portable palettes, to slip into a slim makeup envelope, for a clutch, or for a car with a clutch. What can I say? I almost always apply all my makeup in the car, at red lights. Yes, I’m the one in front of you with her visor down, plucking things with tweezers. “Things,” I believe, is as close a word you’d want for a description.

MAC Quad Colors: Malt beside Smut, Cranberry and Smut kissing in a tree

The photos above are a little wonky thanks to my computer’s distorted camera. I lean in to get a close shot of the color, and I look like a fetal alcohol syndrome kid. I have other lid looks I’ll post at a normal hour. Sorry I’ve fallen off the face of this Internet (email, blog, twitter, Instant Messaging, facebook stalking), but I’ve been dealing. Dealing is one of those words like “things,” a wrap-up of… I don’t even know what to call it. There are so many things up in the air right now, things I can’t blog about yet. So when all else fails, there is makeup. And movies of me applying said makeup, then, as I’m talking I begin to cry. Mess, I tell you. But, I do, really do, love the holidays, so I’m not letting anything bring me down. Will post more, promise! I’ve been too busy shopping and wrapping and thinking of thoughtful creative gift ideas. I’ll share some of those, too. Because while I might just be a mess of a mess, I’m at least generous. Believe me, there’s enough to go around for everyone.

And, yes! MAC does offer Free Overnight Shipping today!



  1. Love makeup posts! Can you please tell us where you apply the colors? I can’t see where Cranberry is, I am guessing Smut to line the eyes and Corderoy in outer V? Also, what gloss are you wearing, goes really well with this palette.

    I love MAC for exactly this reason, love making my own quad palettes for different occasions.
    Have been wanting to try the pro longwear shadows for a while, perhaps I will go shopping now.

    1. Author

      I am wearing 2 different glosses in the photos. The darker berry stained lips are actually Revlon “Just Bitten” Lipstain + Balm in the shade “Instinct.” And the paler shade, which I wear all the time is “Chelsea Girls” by NARS. It comes in a tub/pot, but it lasts and stays on well… for gloss.

      1. could not find “instinct” at CVS…got another one.
        I assume you are supposed to put the color on first and then the white stuff??

  2. heavy duty hair envy here! your twirly curls are a thing of perfection. [hope all the up-in-the-air things end up working out for you]

  3. your hair is gorgeous!! as are you! love the lip look!
    thanks for keepin it real, as always, and hope the “things” get resolved for the new year.
    beth g

  4. lovely! can you (or any of your followers) recommend a good mascara? waterproof or regular: something that lengthens lashes WITHOUT clumping!

    1. Author

      I like Dior Show BlackOut, Make Up For Ever Smokey Lash, and my drugstore pick is Voluminous by L’Oreal. I know people swear by the pink and green mascara (Great Lash), but to me, it’s just paint and doesn’t lengthen or add volume. Also, a lot of people like Full ‘N Soft waterproof by Maybelline. Honestly, I tried it and it does coat each lash, but it does nothing to really build up your lashes. If you want the almost showstopping lashes of false lashes, then go with the Dior or the Make Up For Ever. Also, no matter what we try, my sister and I swear by voluminous (waterproof because we’re criers).

        1. I just recently found Maybelline “The Falsies Volum’ Express–Flared” at the grocery store. I can’t believe how much I love this mascara…it’s amazing. Super full and long lashes. Friends and strangers have been asking me if I am using the lash lengthening doctor prescribed stuff.

    2. For waterproof I love the Sephora store brand. Lengthens and thickens without clumping and comes off easily with oil-free eye makeup remover.

  5. Can I interrupt this makeup post with a hair question? I have curly hair like yours but I struggle to get my curls as defined as yours and to keep the frizz away. Would you share your favorite hair products and hair routine? Thank you and Happy Holidays. When you are going through stuff it helps to look good!

    1. Beth, Have you given Ouidad a try? they have plenty of videos of before and afters on youtube. The woman is a curl genius.

      Also, Living Proof has comparable products. Both are sold at Sephora. And both also have their own websites by their respective names (I don’t know if it’s allowed to post links here hehe).

  6. RE: mascara, Blinc by Sephora. I honestly thought this young woman had on false lashes. Lovely photos!

  7. Pretty please to Beth’s question. Your hair is beautiful. I have curly hair myself and would love to know how to get my curls “bigger” and “longer” like yours!! Loved your books and have been devoted to your blog since I read them!

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