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There’s a “Season Kick Off” party here at Woodfield this weekend, said to be “A bat-mitzvah on crack.” I’m on the fence about going. First, we’re not big dancers. I wish we were, I do. But, we’re not. Phil’s especially not. And then, there’s the food. Each email is more revealing than the next, with an itemized list of food promise. “Themed action food stations,” an “infamous raw bar,” and a lavish dessert display. Good God, how do I say no? Worse, how do I say, “just a little.” This feels like a date with funnel cake. So bad, so good. I’m going. That’s that. Besides, it’s fun to dress up, to coordinate, to make new memories—food or otherwise. Now, the real question of the day and night: how should I style the shop out of a little black dress with a high slung collar (necklace won’t work unless it’s long)? Hair in a puffy bun with some Mongolian lamb stole? Nude heels, nude nails? Or should I go gray nails and peep booties? Oh, to be a girl in this world.

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The “After Party” did not include a Key Party. Or, maybe it did, but I wasn’t invited. The after was the day after, a carnival and family BBQ with a bunch of hungover people in search of grease-fast and sunblock, just not in that order.

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Caught double-fisted. Takes after her mama.
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Woodfield Sunday Afternoon Family BBQ


  1. In Florida gold will look like bling, or anyplace south of the Mason Dixon for that matter. It’s like Spain the girls look like hookers. Women that look like they were shipped over for either the nordic or the celtic diaspora should stay well away from gold except the bit on their finger. Why not try something modern in sterling silver torc.

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    I just came home from a ‘real’ Bat-Mitzvah & the girl of honour wore nude high heels today and black boots the night before, she looked adorable if even a little shakey in those heels! I’m in a food coma right now! Enjoy yourself.

  3. Gray nails are awesome. I personally find peep booties incredibly unflattering and ugly, but that’s a personal choice.

  4. I wish I had some S. FL advice for you but it’s kind of like we’re watching and waiting to see what fashion shows up! It’s not like NY, TX or LA. In my experience, FL is much like LA in the whole over-done cleavage thing — hopefully not at Thanksgiving! Ha ha ha — look forward to pics. Did y’all sell your place in Austin yet? Loved your recipes the past few years.

  5. The peep toe booties look enormous on you, Stephanie. Way too clunky for your petite frame and too clunky for the dress, too. You’ve lost a lot of weight and you look beautiful. You looked beautiful before, though. Before you were “girl next door” beautiful. Now you are mysterious/exotic beautiful! I like both Stephanies. She is, by definition, entertaining and interesting.

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