120 lbs. Last week I passed Go and collected the Gold. I’ve become a Weight Watchers Lifetime Member this year (for once a New Year’s Resolution kept)! I wasn’t an exercise psycho, didn’t force myself to go to the gym when I was tired. I drank wine, ate ice cream, and mostly tried to give my body food that lasts, that keeps me full, food that my body likes. A lot of Greek yogurt for this Greek Tragedy.

I set my goal, and kept within 2 lbs. of it for six consecutive weeks. I set the goal at 125 lbs. I’m 5’4 1/2″. I’m 120 lbs., so now that I’m a lifetime member, so long as I never weigh in past 127 lbs. I no longer need to pay. But I can weigh in less than my goal weight and not have to pay. So for all of you out there who Weight Watchers it up, pick a higher/ Thanksgiving weight as your goal number.

In the above photo, I am indeed, at a meeting, in front of a room full of women, punctuated with three men. And I am crying. Who took the photo? One of the other members who keeps a journal of all the inspiring stories she hears. How nice is that, seriously? The world really can be such a loving, warm place… especially in a room full of dieting women.



  1. Thank you for posting about Weight Watchers again! Congratulations on lifetime; I was there for many years and kept it all off until my son arrived 2 years ago. You were my inspiration to go back last month and though I lost 4lbs in short order (love the points plus!), I’ve been lagging lately. I keep hoping to become pregnant and not need WW for awhile, but I’ve realized that I need to take care of myself and be proud of my body whether it gets to carry another baby or not. You’ve now inspired me again, and off I go, to get back on the WWWagon!

  2. CONGRATULATION! I recently (well, 12 weeks) started WW and I am just trying to crawl my way to my first 5% goal. I am plateauing on the way down the same way I did on the way up to this weight, every 8 pounds. I want that star so bad at tomorrow’s weigh-in that I can taste the sticky paper.

    It’s wonderful hearing stories like this especially if when it from a person that while I may not know personally, I have followed for years through blogs, books and the occasional book signing. (I promise, no stalking involved).

  3. Brava and well done. You truly inspired me because I didn’t believe that a ‘foodie’ (how I would describe myself, and probably you) could lose weight on WW. I was a bitter skeptic, and when I actually saw my scale numbers going down, I didn’t believe it. Even the proof wasn’t enough for me in the beginning!

    It was great to follow your story, and to become inspired myself. I have lost ten pounds, and cannot be more thraaa-illed. I will keep on keepin’ on, and will applaud YOU now!!!!

  4. After your inspiring “Blondes have more fun” post, I promised myself I would jump on WW the band wagon. I did, and Im down 4lbs, not much, but its a start! This post was even more encouragement to keep trying. Slow and steady right? Its amazing how quickly your lost! Well done!

  5. Congrats, Stephanie! I’m doing WW too, and am a little over 1/3 of the way there! You are an inspiration!

  6. Congratulations! And welcome to the lifetime club:) Great advice about the weight. Now that I exercise and have built muscle, I think my lifetime goal is unrealistic and I struggle monthly to stay in that two pound range. (Before I started exercising, it was easy to stay 2 to 3 pounds under it, so I’m pretty sure it’s the muscle). I am going to see how it goes in this next month and may talk to my leader about upping it by another two just so that I’m not trying on every piece of clothing in my closet a half hour before the meeting to see what is the lightest!

  7. Congrats Steph on making the Lifetime Club! Being able to love food and still fit into your jeans is a liftime battle. I used to be bullimic and now train for half marathons as a motivator to stay fit. I find it strange that no matter what jean size I am I still believe that if I take a week off from excercise/ eating well that I will be back to my larger self by some puff of smoke. Still waiting to feel recovered but 3 years on I feel like a soldier who has been on duty for too long. Looking forward to having a rest from this feeling, hopefully one day I will be a recovered foodaholic, till then it is sentry duty.

  8. Congrats on doing it sanely and smartly. I did the same several years ago, and now sadly have become one of the 80% of dieters who gain it all back (and then some). I still believe WW was a healthy way to do it but I simply can’t count points again. I just can’t make myself do it. So I’m simmering here feeling awful about myself. But happy for you :) Best of luck at keeping it off.

  9. Congratulations – that is a fantastic achievement. I don’t think there is a woman alive who doesn’t empathise with the battle of losing weight.

    Here’s to ice-cream, wine and Greek yoghurt.

    I am going to find some dieting women to hang out with, they sound just lovely!

  10. So Happy for you!!! I am a WW for life too. I am 5’9 and weigh 170. My highest was 220. I tell everybody about this program. YOU GET TO EAT!!! Dont you almost wish you could work for them. Its so true, if you work the program the program works. I dont even count points anymore, I just know how to eat now.

  11. Congrats! You look so healthy and happy! Wonder how your meetings in FL compare to mine in Murray Hill?

  12. SK – thanks for the great incentive. I swear to god that this time I’m going to do it. I’m going to get there and loved hearing this from you. I just spent 5 days with a woman that lost 43 this year on WW and she’s never exceeded her 29 points and it just seemed so easy to her. She was so non chalant about it. So glad I read this as well!!!

  13. Stephanie – congratulations and welcome to Lifetime!!! How awesome! You inspired me to go back to WW (I’m a lifetimer myself) and I am now half way to my new weight goal. I’ve lost 23 pounds and I’m feeling great. I am a Greek yogurt person too. All about finding the satisfying foods but not about deprivation!

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