heading to the dermatologist, list in hand

I have to write it all down before I get there. Because once I’m in that room, I suddenly forget why I’m there. “Just give me a sec,” I say, trying to click my way to some saved list on my iPhone. “Stupid thing.” So, this time, I’m heading to the dermatologist with a paper list in hand.

Thinning hair. Top of my list. Receding hairline. Tons of hair loss always, since forever. Since long before pregnancy. But I couldn’t ever tell what was normal, considering I have such long hair. Maybe it just looks like a lot, you know, all wound up like a ball of yarn. But when I look in the mirror in a certain light, I swear I can see my scalp in a bald kind of way… like, I don’t have to try all that hard to “imagine” what I might look like bald. I know there are shampoos that help prevent hair from falling out, don’t regrow new hair, but slow the process. I need help, even though, to look at me, you’d think I was a head case. Pun very much intended.

Botox. I’ve never had it, but I think it’s time.

This whole wrinkle situation. I’ve been using Duac Topical Gel and Differin gel 0.1% because I have these tiny bumps on my forehead that you can only see in certain light.

This white dots under my eyes. You know, if you’re looking in a 100x magnified mirror. I look like my grandfather.

The “beauty mark” on my left nipple. TMI, but there it is. It either looks like one beauty mark layered on top of another, or it’s bad news. Doc, you need to check out this nip.

Speaking of beauty marks… I HATE THE ONE ON MY FACE. It’s flat, yes, on the right side of my face. But I now officially HATE it and need a plastic surgeon to remove it. I need recommendations. Work with me. Now my daughter and I can walk around with matching face bandages after our “procedures.”

Stress. You couldn’t happen to prescribe something to help me deal with learning to be an Occupational Therapist could you? But that’s stress I air and share on my facebook page.



  1. Thanks, you just reminded me I need to do the same. I have the same forehead deal, my sister has the same situation with her hair, I need all my moles checked, I have a beauty mark or two on my face… long list. Recently moved (well, a year ago) and miss my old dermatologist, but I have a few names to work with — so I am getting them out right now and making some calls. Thanks for the reminder and good luck! :)

  2. Wow, that’s quite a list! Don’t forget to get your moles checked while you’re there, especially since your skin is so fair.

    1. Author

      This doctor’s office (Eli Cohen) doesn’t have time for a full body scan appointment until months from now. And the leading doctor in mole mapping doesn’t take my united healthcare/Oxford insurance. Sigh. If only I lived closer to Dr Melissa Lazarus. Double sigh.

      1. Yeah, it is. That’s the only good thing about having adult acne, is getting RX wrinkle creams for $10, courtesy of insurance.

        Even when I didn’t think they were doing much for the zits (the pill was the only thing that clears my face up) I keep using it for the anti-aging benefits.

        1. I went on Steivemicin (or something like that) a year ago and found not only did it kick acnes butt but my age spots and acne scars faded. Apparently a side effect :) This time around asked for Retin A. Supposedly also RX’ed for acne but also supposed to be great for the wrinkles. Under 20 bucks to buy with our health insurance and far cheaper than any good wrinkle cream you can get out there~!

          Might have to try botox too for a wicked crease line on forhead but kind of waiting for them to find another benefit of it that my insurance will cover. Heh.

  3. Great doctor (member here, wife is a doll) he is a hair restoration specialist – both my sons (hope they have no way of reading this) are using something he prescribed……and I swear it is working…..
    website: http://www.baumanmedical.com/

  4. As a very long time reader, and one who is too old to have the worries of youngsterhood, now I identify fully with the aging face problem. Although I don’t think there ARE any products that help with wrinkles, if you hear of or find one, please post it. I’m never going to get a facelift, after seeing so many unattractive ones (tho Jane Fonda does have a successful one, at least after airbrushing). Look at Lindsey Lohan, for Pete’s sake.

  5. I just went to the dermatologist!! I keep thinking there’s a better way to remove moles than just taking a big chunk out of my skin, right??

    Also, I’ve had hair thinning issues for the last 10 years and was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 2 years ago. I swear, once I quit eating wheat, my hair stopped shedding at an alarming rate! The scary thing is that I didn’t even have any symptoms! Celiac and thyroid issues are common culprits. Hopefully it’s neither one and you’re just “shedder”! hahahah!

    1. I too had hair thinning issues and little zits at my hairline…was diagnosed with gluten intolerance 4+ years ago. My life changed for the better when I cut out gluten. Miss running into you in Austin!

  6. What about Viviscal for the thinning hair? I remember you mentioning it awhile back.

  7. Regarding thinning hair, have your thyroid level checked. My hair was falling out like crazy, but I have very thick hair so wasn’t really worried about it, found out I had a thyroid problem, well problems, now my hair is only falling out at the normal rate.

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