wouldn’t it be interesting if

Finish this sentence for yourself:
“Wouldn’t it be interesting if…”



  1. Wouldn’t it be interesting if you could meet someone who is compatible with you, but at the same time not know? And everything work out?

  2. …I could finally fit in those jeans and see if my life REALLY is that different?

  3. …I were to apply for that job in the UK that’s open until June 17 when I really didn’t want to seriously start thinking about moving to Europe until a year from now.

  4. ..I could figure out what it is I really want instead of worrying about everyone else in my life?

  5. We all took a moment to re-read George Orwell’s 1984 and realize just how prescient he was – and how terrifying that is? (Summer reading list, book #1.)

  6. if my life could decide what direction we are going in and just let me know!

  7. this soon BIG move to Arizona (from Florida) turns out to be a very, very good thing…

  8. …if I could meet my own little 3-year-old self. I always thought about this and it is really hard to figure out how I would feel…interesting…

  9. I actually did some work, insteada crusin’ blogs and developed a career…(would still visit this one obviously)

  10. if men ogled our brains instead of our breasts? It gives ‘lusting after’ a whole new meaning.

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