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My Beautiful Sissy Lea

Now that I’ve been living in Texas long enough to own burnt orange, I now have the right to refer to my sister as “sissy.” From my sissy last night via Facebook:

“I love that when I am feeling sad or in need of your advice, and you won’t answer your phone, I can just go to your website and start reading… and within moments I feel better. Even if whatever I am reading has nothing to with why I am sad… I love you…and miss you. My big sister is the best. ”

Love. Just love. It will be so nice to live closer to Lea Pea Eats Diarrhea… and closer to LINUS! Heavenly.

Go on, tell someone in your family how happy they make you. It’ll make you happy just thinking about how happy you’ll make them.



  1. It’s true; just hearing someone’s voice who makes us feel calm can be enough to brighten a day. I’m a therapist and when I’m out of the office, clients will call my voicemail and hang up just to hear a friendly voice they find comforting. Glad to hear you’ll be so much closer to the people who bring you joy!

  2. My little sisters…Cassie (Cathleen)…leen pee’en machine…no idea how we came up with that as kiddos, but we did and it totally humiliated her, I loved it back then, feel bad for it now…but I am now typing it out loud online…if she saw it she would die! OHWELL! & Anna Love them to pieces, miss them and hope that one day I can live closer! There are nothing like sisters! Thank you for listening, love you ladies soooooo much!

  3. Hee hee I love this! What a beautiful “sissy” you have! My sister is currently on the other side of the world and I miss her lots and lots so I can completely relate to this post!!

  4. Despite reading your blog since you started it, I’d never seen Lea… she’s gorgeous! You have great genes in the family ;-)

    I don’t have any siblings, unfortunately… but lots of very close cousins whom I consider brothers and sisters – you might think it’s not the same, but beggars can’t be choosers :-)

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