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We are officially moving July 6. The trucks arrive THIS WEEKEND. We are not taking the kids’ bedding, so I need Florida replacements. No, wait. That sounds negative. What we need, they need, is to arrive at their new, shared, living quarters with the bedroom made up purdy and organized. I need to get on this, stat. At one point, I hit up Target and purchased an onslaught of Shabby Chic bedding, which when all was said and done and I was left to live with it for a few days, I decided it was Shabby Weak. Returned. So, help a girl and her interior design loves out.

Lucas, by the way, is in LOVE with his American flag pillow, sleeps with it every night and is concerned, insistent, that said throw pillow is coming with us. It is. Each night the loves sing with me: Fifty Nifty United States. So, they’re learning the 50 states in alphabetical order, and as we learn a new state each night, I pull up a map, then some tourism videos on the state. Just a bit of bedding background if you will… plus, you know I’m a preppy/ nautical junkie. So, there’s that. As for Phil, he’d rather not be bothered. YAY!

Also, I’m not suggesting white for a duvet. In fact, likely there will be no duvet and just the quilt and sheets, as it’s balls to the inner thigh hot. So where you see a white throw or duvet, it’s really a stand in for “nothing belongs here.” Help!

bedding options1 2
bedding options 3 4
bedding options 5 yellow
The walls in the room are PALE BLUE not RED


  1. I like option “2.”

    Also, you are smart to have returned the Target. I have four kids, and over the years have found it’s actually more cost effective to get the good stuff from the start… Target stuff can be cute, but just doesn’t hold up.

    Have you checked out Garnet Hill http://www.garnethill.com/kids-rooms/?

    I’ve found some really cute bedding there that I loved and is a really good qaulity. In fact, a fairy duvet cover my oldest had when she was a toddler (she’s 11 now) still gets dragged out as a back up if needed. They also have a Lilly Pulitzer line which may fit into your new Boca decor (perhaps not in the kids rooms, but somewhere else)…

    Have fun.

    1. Author

      Okay, now you’ve really confused me because I LOVE those bedding options at Garnet Hill, too. Only not sure there are good boy options that coordinate.

  2. Are you really a sextant fan or was that in an ad? I happen to like sextants. There’s something cool about them, like with many nautical items (barographs, barometers, compasses, etc.)

    1. Author

      Yes, totally serious! I am obsessed with sextants. I find them very intriguing, interesting, inviting. I love them as an object on a desk or on a coffee table. There really is just something cool about them… aside from the fact that they’re the original GPS, another something without which I cannot function.

  3. Whatever Pottery Barn Kids has should be just up your preppy/beachy alley.

    Are they sharing a room? You never mentioned the house you are renting? What of it?

    1. Author

      Yes, I do love me some chain store, middle Americana styling. Just as they do now, they will be sharing a room… until the age where it gets weird. I figure you spend the rest of your life sharing space, making compromises, likely sharing your bedroom with someone for more of your life than less, so why not get used to it early on? Plus, it’s just more fun. As for the home we’re renting, it’s a 3 bedroom. By no means perfect, but hell, I’ve survived living in an NYC apartment where my bedroom was the same size as my now closet. It’s also a single story home, which is likely to lead to at least a few stories of my own.

  4. Did you see the “artichokes” duvet/sham set (I think it’s in the “main” section, not kids)… That might work as a good mix in with something from the “boys” section for Lucas. Or, alternatively, the Lily Pulitzer “Cha Cha” is a good one to mix in.

    I would love to put my girls (11 and 6) in a room together (they do “sleepovers” half the time anyhow) and decorate with the “Lily Sister Florals” collection, but I digress…

    Here’s a link to all of the duvet/sham sets (not just kids):


  5. You need to stop being such an indecisive libra and just pick. It’s BEDDING. It is the principal..
    Sometimes the best decisions are the quick and first gut impressions. Use yours more an d consult less. Yes. Even for small stuff like bedding.

    And the “..HIT UP target!” What happened to “went to”? Seriously this irks me. It is all over the place and even in journalism now. Just cheesy. And onslaught of bedding?

  6. I like Option #2. How much are you looking to spend? Serena and Lily has some nice options for children too..

  7. I like both 2 and 5! You could sneakily ask Abigail which color she likes better, red or yellow, and go then decide based on that.
    PS – Are those pics from Pottery Barn kids? I was on their site all night (insomnia… or shopping addiction? You decide.)

  8. Option 4. In fact, I’ve had those sets (well, the quilts, not all the extra stuff bc it’s 100+ in Austin most of the time) sitting in the PBK’s cart for my kids :) Just need to buy them their bunk beds first.

  9. I agree with the 2 and 5 chorus. I like 5 for Abigail the most but I didn’t like the corresponding option for Lucas.

    If I couldn’t modify Lucas’ option for #5 then I would pick the set in #2.

  10. #5! The super ‘themey’ stuff gets tiring fast. Use the less expensive accesories to add easy-to-change themes as their preferences change.

  11. Author

    I went with #2 for Lucas and #5 for Abigail. So, thank you all for weighing in. Abigail’s duvet is monogrammed with her initials, AND I just made my way to the Pottery Barn / Williams Sonoma Outlet to pick up a few coordinating items. I am so going to miss that outlet. It’s extraordinary. You know, for an outlet.

  12. My choices were 2 and 5, so obviously I think you chose well. BTW, my first blanket was white, with tiny pink and green flowers sporadically placed. It got … less white, over the years, but never stained. So it can be done.

    Check out the outlets at Sawgrass Mall in Sunrise when you’re in FL, if you haven’t already.

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