playing nice nice


  1. Well ok. You meant “compliment,” right?

    And what is “it”? Is it a thing? or your kids? a cake?
    Not just “you look beautiful?” It is a compliment about something?

    This is not as self-contained a thought as it might seem….

    1. Ah come on Carol, don’t be a diva hun :) The context clearly implies she means compliment, sure give her the heads up but forget the side of snide. The ‘it’ in question refers to the subject matter of the compliment, so if someone were to say ‘you look beautiful’ you’d say, thanks I got it from my father, hence the sperm.

  2. OK, this reminds me of something that happened to me years ago. This girl on the bus was wearing the cutest dress. I paid her a compliment on it and asked where it was from. She hesitated and there was an instant weirdness in the air. She then said that her mom bought it for her and she didn’t know from where.
    Umm….she was lying. This girl didn’t want me to know where her dress was from because she didn’t want me to buy it! Really? It was so stupid.
    Anytime someone paids me a compliment, I tell them where I got it (if they ask), how much I paid for it (especially if it was a super find at someplace cheap or on sale) and I’ve even passed on website discount coupon codes because I want to share the love!

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